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10 Hot Trends For Adding Art Into Your Home

Whether you are looking for a way to display some new art or looking for a way to brighten up your old spaces, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over what’s currently trending and hopefully you will feel inspired to try some of these out, or even go art shopping. Before you begin your search online art Australia wide, read how you can bring the art element into your home for an instant appeal.abstract_art

  1. Go Big

    Most people like to stick to traditionally sized pieces for smaller spaces. Putting a large piece of art in a small space can sometimes look really great. Using a large colourful piece can really add some depth and energy to a small space. An added tip is to choose a frame that works with the art piece instead of with the space.

  2. Be Dramatic

    Most people seem to shy away from the art of the human form. There is absolutely no reason why this art should not be on display in any room of the house. People like to keep this art to the bedroom but experimenting with it in other rooms can look good too. This will give a dramatic look to your space, you should anchor art with a few accessories to tie it into the space.

  3. Get Intimate

    Some rooms you want to have that intimate feel in, the trick to this is hanging any art at a seating or eye level. If you have a negative space around the artwork, it won’t feel or look heavy. Keeping them unframed also helps to create that warm feeling.

  4. Create Balance

    Say you have a really full and colourful bookshelf. You could easily put a simple piece of artwork near it to create a nice balance of negative space. Having a simple piece of art will bring something visually soothing to the space, try sticking to neutral colours like white.

  5. View It

    Most people hang their art where they think it looks best but you should always put it on the wall you see first when you walk into a room. This, of course, can get a bit boring after some time so don’t forget to switch it up, maybe move some pieces into different rooms and breathe new life into the room.

  6. Something Special

    You should add something special to your art collection; maybe something that can signify an occasion such as a birthday or holiday. Try incorporating some pieces of furniture or decorations that can tie in with the painting.

  7. Details Are Key

    It’s about the overall look of the whole wall and space, so adding details that tie the whole space together is crucial. The wall should look balanced and appealing so adding some pops of the same colour either in the furniture or d├ęcor, can really tie everything together and give you harmony.

  8. Experiment

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with your space. Put a few pieces together that have different textures and sizes and see what happens, if you are not sure how to start, try by using different pieces with similar tones and colours and work from there.

  9. Rotate

    Some people never even think of this as an option but so many professionals rotate art to see what kind of feeling they can get from the painting. It will bring a new ambiance into the room that you never had before so try rotating a piece upside down and see how it makes you feel.

  10. Mix It Up

    Art doesn’t necessarily have to be a painting; anything that looks good to you or that you find interesting whether it be a sculpture, fabric, mirror, or something else, is all okay. Your home should be a selection of items you love so go out and find things that you find beautiful. You can find so many great pieces in galleries, second hand stores and online art Australia wide.

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