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Aromatherapy: The Benefits that Turned it into such a Trend

Though we think we’ve advanced a great deal, and are more intelligent than the ancient peoples, we still make use of some of their medicinal methods. Take aromatherapy for instance – the well used method of healing and relaxation in ancient Egypt and China, that grows more into a trend nowadays.

Though much like most people with disbelief on the effects of essential oils, I’ve come to know more about them with time, learning how to pick the right, certified ones based on a combination of natural and organic ingredients with science-based innovation of skincare, something of importance especially in the world of today, full of synthetic oils strictly created for money-making.

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Whether you diffuse them, or use them for massages it’s up to you, whatever works best. What’s important to know is the way essential oils affect our minds, bodies, and add to the health.

Starting from the molecules of the oils, that travel to our olfactory system, carried by the receptors, all the way to the olfactory cortex in the brain, and the limbic system, which is where and how they affect the mood, and memory. A pleasant smell can’t only make you feel calm, but it can also come to be stored as a memory in your brain, reminding you of something pleasant every time you smell it.

This is why more people have come to acknowledge the positive effects of aromatherapy with treating Alzheimer’s disease, as well as insomnia. Some of the oils that can help bring about relaxation are lavender, peppermint, rosemary, geranium, and ylang ylang. Moreover, oils are antibacterial, and are perfect diffused in homes with mould.

As for the application on the skin, the oils get absorbed quickly, passing through the dermis skin layer all the way to the bloodstream, and then the organs. It’s all good when the oils are organic, composed of vitamins and antioxidants, which isn’t to say about the synthetic oils that primarily clog the skin pores and then let toxins get stored in the body.

Essential oils are great for treating inflammation, warming the muscles, reducing pain, preventing soreness, as is the case with eucalyptus, and wintergreen. Great news is some of them, like lavender, can also be used as repellent so you can apply it and avoid getting insect bites.

Knowing all this, it’s impossible not to want to try out the benefits yourself, so take the advice, and only buy certified organic oils to get the best results.

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