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Bedroom Design Trends: Get Some Shut-Eye in a Hotel-Inspired Bedroom

“A world of sophisticated beauty” is Armani’s moto when it comes to delivering the ultimate hotel-stay experience. We all know Armani is a huge name in the extremely competitive world of fashion, so it would be only normal to expect the rooms in these hotels to be no less than a breath-taking ‘wow’. You know, elegant materials and colours, a lot of timeless combinations like leather in black and white and a lot of golden details to complement the entire luxury of the ambiance.

And let’s not fool ourselves, we all love sleeping in hotels not because of something special they offer, but because of the unbelievable comfort of the bed, the softness and puffiness of the pillows and the way all that is wrapped in a perfectly styled room that doesn’t have all yours and your partner’s clothes scattered all around the room creating a mess. Yes, we all love sleeping in hotels, which is why interior designers have introduced a new bedroom trend to bring that luxurious experience into your own home: hotel-inspired bedrooms.

bed room suites

How do you get 2in1 bed room suites for your home?

A 2in1 bed in this case is a bed that offers just the right level of comfort for sleeping and is designed in a very elegant and sophisticated manner so it kind of dictates the overall room style. These bed room suites are a story of their own, so when you look at them you’ll know whether you can use them in your existing pattern, or you need to re-design the room from its core in order to fit them in. And if I have to pick something hotel-inspired, I’d choose a bed with very simple and sleek lines, nothing royal, and especially no carved endings. Think simple.

You can go in three directions regarding the material of the bed: a high gloss material for the frame and supporting elements like night stands and drawers, which is a modern piece of furniture. You can combine this one with modern decorations like metal elements and classy colours like red,black, beige and similar.

Next are the wooden bed suites. These would be more like an option for a vintage styled bedroom, but still with a dose of hotel sophistication if combined with the right colours and bedding.

And finally, a leather bed frame – the ultimate elegance.

A leather bed suite is a good option for bedrooms that don’t get a lot of sun, and have a very good air-conditioning system. Otherwise, sleeping in a bed made with leather details won’t be much bearable. This should be your choice if you’re opting for extreme class and luxury. Remember, as a style, it doesn’t support too much decorations. Leather itself is a decorative element.

The second part of the story is the mattress.

As much as Armani would agree that beauty and looks are more than important but crucial, we mere mortals like to sleep on a mattress that’s both comfy and durable. That means a mattress that’s firm enough to last more than a year without getting holes as a result of our body weight, but also soft enough to help you sleep like a baby. A memory-foam mattress would do great here. A friendly tip of advice: always try the mattress before you buy it. Go to the store and lay on it to see how it fits your body. Believe me, you will know whether it’s the right one for you the second you lay down on it.

Bottom line, it is possible to have a hotel-inspired bedroom with a good research and use of creativity. If you give it a considerable amount of thought and attention, you can easily transform your bedroom into a hotel-like one and get the entire experience every night you go to bed. How good is that for your creativity, ha?

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