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Cat Sets New Industry Trend With Its New Hydraulic Mining Shovel

As one of the world’s best manufacturers for heavy-duty machines and equipment, Caterpillar has always been known as a trend-setter. The new hydraulic shovel technology presented by Cat delivers an increased digging force, enhanced productivity, fast cycle times and high bucket fill. The capacity of the newest mining shovels by Caterpillar varies from 100 to 1000 tonnes, and these mining tools are capable to excavate large amount of ground, ore and other hard materials. With the introduction of its new hydraulic 6020B mining shovel, Caterpillar has proven again that it is the biggest and most innovative manufacturer in the world.


Cat 6020B – The Industry Trend

The latest addition in the Caterpillar’s range of mining shovels is the Cat 6020B. The new hydraulic mining shovel has an operating weight of 220 tonnes and a payload of 22 tonnes. With a 1043-horsepower engine (778 kW), this mining shovel delivers an industry-leading efficiency and enough power for performing various mining operations. It uses the reliable Cat 777G off-highway truck for optimal loading and hauling results. Simple and reliable, the 6020B has a modular construction with a walk through power module to provide an easy access for maintenance and service. Its modular design makes the shipping and assembly process easier, while the single-engine configuration simplifies the maintenance.

What makes the Cat 6020B mining shovel so unique is the new, superior cab and operator station. A class-leading visibility has been provided for the operators thanks to the large floor, side windows and the wide windshield. Beside the operator’s seat, this model also features two additional seats for an observer and a trainer. In fact, this is the first three-seat cab design in the mining shovel class. The spacious and highly comfortable cab is a result of the collaboration between the mining companies and mining operators from all around the world. The cab of this mining shovel is exactly what a miner would ask for.

The operator station is completely adjustable which allows the operators to adapt the mining shovel according to their needs. The armrests and seat suspensions increase the comfort level, while all other controls are ergonomically placed near the operator’s hands. Even the climate control system can automatically maintain the desired temperature in the operator cabin.

To ensure an extended operating life and to reduce the service costs, the Cat 6020B mining shovel is equipped with automatic lubricating system. If you need a highly productive, simple and durable mining shovel, capable to get the job done safely and efficiently, look no further than the Cat 6020B.

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