Direct Marketing – Newest Industry Trends

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We live in a world where doing business is difficult and everyone strives to best and cost-effectively promote their products and services and increase their market presence. This is why growing number of businesses are using direct mail services marketing medium. Nowadays, direct mail marketing is still the most commonly used marketing strategy, so why not take advantage of 3PL finishing services providers. One of the things you can do in order to succeed in this demanding economy, is to find a reliable mail house Sydney 3PL company and to use their direct mail services.

With direct mail services and well planned out direct mail marketing strategy, your “message” will reach your existing and potential customers. Therefore, try to find a mailing house Sydney () 3PL company with high customer ratings that can provide not only direct mail services, but finishing services like picking, packing and shipping as well. Read on to see what are the newest trends in direct mail marketing that will positively affect your business.

  • Quick Response Codes – Quick respond codes or black and white pixel squares, are a two dimensional barcodes, which can be scanned and read by smart phones. Marketers love them because they allow them to work directly with customers, current and potential, at any time.

These smart phone enabled codes are inserted into advertisement displays, direct mail pieces, product labels, billboards, business cards, t-shirts and even coffee mugs. Depending on how they are set up, customers can get exclusive content, product information, business contact address, phone and email, etc. just by scanning QR codes. This way you can track visitors, where and when your QR codes were accessed and from which device.

  • Adding Google Catalogs For iPads – Another direct mail services trend are new iPad Google catalogs. This is an innovative way to attract more customers. Users can go through your catalog, save products they are interested in and share this info with their friends. Even though companies use direct mail services more and more, many are replacing traditional bulk mail outs with digital version. This is a great way to decrease marketing costs and increase the your return on investment (ROI).
  • Sensory Features – According to the latest reports, direct mail services are getting another dimension. Marketers are including sensory features like scent, touch, taste and sound in their bulk mail outs to better promote certain product or service. Why are sensory features so great? It’s simple. It has been proven that people associate things with smell. In fact, over 75% of all our emotions are stimulated by scent. According to some studies, we can, with about 65% accuracy, remember certain scent.


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