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Flatter Your Winter Outfits With Trendy Wide Brim Hats

When it comes to fashion, we’ve got to admit that women rule. From matching colours and different styles to rocking the accessories, women ‘know-it-all’ when it comes to being stylish and looking awesome. And what a better way to effortlessly make your outfit pop than with a stylish hat.

Although hats of all shapes and sizes are having a moment of fame this season, it is the ladies wide brim hats that are popping up on celebrities. Paired with anything from a leather jacket to a t-shirt and jeans, wide brim hats can give your look a stylish finish touch.


A terrific way to make a style statement and add interest to a winter outfits, ladies wide brim hats will also keep your head warm and will protect scalp and face from the winter sun. And the best part about this affordable accessory, is the numerous ways you can wear it.

  • Bohemian: For a bohemian vibe, pair a wide brim hat with a cape or a fluid dress.
  • Gaucho style: Fitted on the back of heads, a gaucho-meets-boater style short rim wide brim hats add a cheerful effect. You can either pair a hat with sharp tailored dress for an elegant work wear option or with a colourful tunic for a Spanish street style look.
  • The ribbon rim: A ribbon rim ladies wide brim hats are perfect for achieving a more relaxed style. Pair with jumpers or even jeans to cheer up even the most basic outfit.
  • Down low: Pull the brim of your hats low to achieve a slick, mysterious style look. Complete with a polo neck or tightly wound scarf.

While some women are afraid of wide brim hats or claim they do not look good in them, there is truly a wide brim hat style for every woman. In fact, a proper style can actually improve a woman’s appearance by balancing the face and head shape. By trying on different models, you too should be able to find a design and style that will flatter your winter outfits.

Ladies wide brim hats can be found almost in every fashion accessory store. From brick-and-mortar stores to online retailers and street vendors, your options are immense. Vintage wide brim hats can be found at antiques stores and used ones at yard sales. 

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