Follow The Latest Trend And Turn Camping Into Glamping

“Glamping” is the glamorous version of camping and if you google it, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful images that will instantly make you want to jump in an RV ASAP and explore the world. However, the problem is that most of these glamping photos are almost impossible to emulate without breaking the bank. What’s more, these blog posts usually don’t tell you anything regarding what items to look for as to put the glam in camping, they merely tell the story of the experience itself. In the light of this fact, or to put it better, lack of facts, we’ve arranged a humble list of not so expensive items that can make your camping experience much more comfortable and as close to the glamorous dream as possible.

Camping into Glamping


Instead of going all plastic, choose wooden chairs and table. We are all aware of the special charm wood brings as a material, so just because you’re outdoors it doesn’t mean you don’t want to take advantage of the aesthetics it can create. However, do make sure all your furniture pieces are easy to fold and transport and if possible, find pieces that have more than one purpose. You can also take a few colorful wicker chests that can serve as both accent chairs and storage. When it comes to your sleeping area, always opt for quality air mattresses with a foam topper and don’t forget to have a few pillows thrown around. Finally, add some décor in the form of flowers and put LED lights around the tent or the RV to make it look like one of those Pinterest glamping-ready photos.

Domestic Chores

Everything about camping should be practical and easy to use, so when you’re preparing yourself for a trip in nature, make sure you bring every item that makes your everyday life easier. And even though washing your clothes outside won’t be as practical as it is at home, you can bring a clothesline for camping that makes for a perfect substitute for the drying machine, so you’ll be one point up in glamping! If you’re lucky enough, the camping site will have laundry room available so you won’t have to wash your clothes by hand, but the clothesline for camping is essential because normally none offer clothes dryers. If being able to cook something delicious in the outdoors is an important part of your dream adventure, you ought to get yourself an outdoor camping oven. They are ideal for a “glamping kind of vacation” and you’ll be able to make mouthwatering meals for the whole family. Finally, wave goodbye to plastic plates and glasses and buy an enamel table set that will furthermore add to the glam of your outdoors fun.

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