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Grading and Graders Reaching Their Best Level

In this modern era, constant developments and advanced technologies are presented on a daily basis. This applies for every segment, including the construction equipment industry. The cranes are becoming stronger, the concrete mixers are making concrete in only few minutes, and the interest for a highly efficient grader machine is constantly growing. A grader machine is a piece of heavy construction machinery used for leveling uneven surfaces. The grader machine is very compact, and it is capable to work in narrow and tight spaces.


The previous grader machine models were not efficient and reliable, because they were not capable to deliver the desired results. However, over the past few years, the grader machine has been significantly modified and improved. Thanks to these improvements, the grader machine is now more frequently used on every construction site. The manufacturers include innovative features that improve the efficiency and the performance. One common feature is the Trimble Navigation guidance system. This system eliminates the downtime and minimize the errors. Trimble has worked with Caterpillar with a purpose to develop innovative grader machine guidance.

Many contractors state that the size of the site that needs grading is very important. For example, skid-steer loaders with grading attachments might do a good job, but not on sites where the grading is deeper than 40 cm. In the past, the grading was performed by hand, but with the latest grader machine models, the site grading procedure is easier than ever. As mentioned above, the grader machine eliminates the rework. Graders with the right configurations deliver better results on the job site.

Despite the fact that the large graders are more commonly used, the interest for small grader machine models is slightly increasing. These small sized machines provide many benefits, in terms of lower owning and operating costs, easier servicing and better maneuverability. Usually, they are used for projects on soft surfaces and for lighter applications. Practical, easy to use and maintain, the compact grader machine models are widely used for various construction projects.

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