Listening Devices: The Latest Trends

assistive listening devices

Hearing aid technology has gone through a lot of improvements recently. If two decades ago, hearing devices were far from convenient and practical, today there are models that are the perfect fusion between functionality and aesthetics. These devices are used … Continued

Insect-Inspired Hearing Aid Designs


Why is it that wearing glasses (used to improve vision impairment) is considered an intelligent-look-boost, while wearing hearing aids, an elderly people characteristic? Hearing aid devices are used for the same purpose – to improve our performance. In order to … Continued

Chin Strap – The Latest Trend In Snoring Treatments

Snoring basically occurs when normal air flow is obstructed. The obstruction occurs when the soft tissue and other throat and tongue muscles relax blocking the air passage. The vibration of the soft tissue caused by inhaling and exhaling causes snoring. … Continued