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How the 21st Century Has Affected Line Marking Technology

The 21st century brings many innovations and there are countless advancements in every industry segment. It seems as if every week a new improved generation of smart phones, updated computer graphic cards or new car technology is emerging on the market. Today, there are thousands of new devices and machines designed for various purposes and applications. The same is true for various industrial machines such as road line marking equipment. The line marking technology has also improved significantly in the recent years. Here are some of the most successful and well-accepted innovations developed for the road marking equipment and road marking paint.


Artificial Grass Markings

Recently, artificial grass markings were discovered and an incredibly realistic artificial grass has been developed. This innovation brings many benefits over the natural grass markings. For example, it stays in a great condition all year; it does not require extensive maintenance; quickly drains and is more durable than the regular grass. Also, there are specific artificial grass markings that come with line markings, which means they do not require painting. The artificial grass markings are very efficient road marking equipment, and are used especially for areas that are prone to rains.


Road Line Marking Equipment

The traditional road line marking equipment was widely used until recently. The road line marking equipment includes very simple devices, such as a bucket with paint. This equipment was extremely efficient, despite its faults. Today, the road marking equipment is technologically improved in order to provide greater accuracy and adjustability. It even allows painting of two lines at a time. The advanced road line marking equipment usually has a futuristic look and provides exceptionally accurate control of the paint flow. Unlike the traditional road marking equipment, the advanced road line marking equipment has a large and removable paint tank that can be easily removed for cleaning or changing.


The latest innovation in the field of road marking equipment is a smart program called iMark. It is still a prototype, but it is a device capable of drawing accurate lines on the road by detecting the distance from the borders to the middle. The iMark can figure out exactly what type of line is needed and quickly finish the job. For instance, it can recognize where solid lines are not required and where dashes are unrestricted. It processes images for recognizing road signs and adjusts the slope of the road.

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