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How to Incorporate Oriental Furniture Trend and Keep the Contemporary Vibe

The far East has always been seen as an endless treasury of ideas for everything: furniture, clothing, food and even life philosophies. Maybe it’s because of the fact that the Eastern civilization is centuries old, but everything that comes from those far edges of the world has some interesting story attached to it that gives meaning and content beyond the simple beauty of it. For instance, the Feng Shui decoration philosophy asks for every piece of furniture to be carefully chosen so that it contributes to the positive chi and energy of the home. Meaning: you can’t just choose whatever material and design of furniture your eye spots as visually attractive. There are rules to be followed according to the style you’ll choose.Oriental Furniture

The all-mighty Feng-Shui philosophy for tranquility and serenity

Having a home decorated with the Feng-Shui philosophy in mind requires a lot of research on the various pieces you should own in order to reach that perfect flow of positive energy. You want to eliminate all the negativity from your home and according to the ancient easterners, you can achieve that by incorporating a few furniture pieces in your interior design scheme. Look for oriental furniture for sale, like wooden sideboards for your living room, the hallway and your bedroom, their colour should be calming, soft and beige so it can allow you to combine them with a number of other elements like green plants and colourful details such as photo frames or mirrors.

Reach a degree of Japanese serenity in your home

Ever heard of washitsu? It’s a Japanese room style famous for its tatami flooring and the sliding doors meant for intimate gatherings, which means intimacy and tranquillity are the main focus areas of these rooms. If you have the available space in your house, make sure you have a room of this kind which is completely free of clutter. To reach the washitsu appearance as much as possible, make sure you get the right rug, as the rug is the main element by which the washitsu room is measured. Therefore, when you look for oriental furniture for sale, look for an oriental rug as well (something in linen would be nice). Avoid screaming colours, since you’re looking for serenity here, not party.

Oriental Furniture

A dose of passion in your design is always a positive idea

When I say passion, I mean red. Strong, powerful, fiery red nuance that instantly catches the attention of anyone entering the room, causing the ‘wow’ effect. However, when playing with red furniture elements, one should be very careful. Although red colour symbolizes a lot of good things in Japanese culture, from an interior design point of view – it’s a tricky move. Make sure you combine it with other pieces in neutral colours. For example, if your sofas are covered in red, the coffee table should be made of wood and in a neutral colour. Something simple, cabinet-like, or a wooden table without any modern glass elements would be perfect.

So yes, Eastern culture and the styles that characterize it is just too much to cover in a single post. But starting small by searching through oriental furniture for sale offers is a good start. Combining the pieces with colour patterns and decorative elements afterwards comes down to good research on the various styles that are offered by the vast palette of Eastern interior and exterior design. Embrace the Eastern spirit for the ultimate feelings of calmness and serenity.

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