Hunting the Latest Flashlight Trends: LED Lenser Products Reviewed

Today, hiking, camping, and hunting without a powerful flashlight is unimaginable for many people. Since all of these activities are done far away from the bright city lights, purchasing and using a nice torch has become as important as packing a bottle of water and a first aid kit. After all, safety must always come first.

Picking one out of thousands of flashlights offered on the market can be a daunting and time-consuming task for those who don’t have much experience in torch shopping. Luckily, our team is here to lend you a hand by singling out and reviewing some of the most popular flashlights and headlamps among experienced hikers and campers. Today, we’re going to introduce you to three LED Lenser flashlights, Germany’s finest portable lights.

Led Lenser

LED Lenser F1

The LED Lenser F1 flashlight is a lightweight and pocket-sized lighting powerhouse. It weighs only 68 grams and is 9 cm long, which means that bringing it along with you every time you go on a walk, a hike, or a camping trip won’t be a drag. This flashlight runs on a non-rechargeable CR123 lithium battery and produces 400 lumens in high and 60 lumens in low. It will run for up to 2 hours in high and 3.5 hours in low. The LED Lenser F1 comes with temperature control protection that keeps it from getting overheated. All in all, a king among small flashlights.

Led Lenser
LED Lenser L5

This product is a small hand-held LED torch that’s a part of the lightweight LED Lenser torch series. It’s 130 mm long and thanks to the high-quality plastic it’s made of it weighs only 114 grams. It has an output of 85 lumens, a maximum beam range of 150 metres, and can run up to 3 hours on a single standard AA battery. The LED Lenser L5’s design provides maximum grip and comfort, making it ideal for hikes and short trips.

Led Lenser

LED Lenser P7.2

This extremely popular light combines size, power, and operation flawlessly. It’s 13 cm long and weighs 175 grams (including the four AAA batteries it runs on). It features the patented Advanced Focus System accompanied with the convenient single-hand focusing that produce a clear homogeneous light for close-up use and a focused beam for long-distance use. This torch produces 320 lumens in high and 40 lumens in low and has a maximum beam range of 260 metres. No wonder campers, hikers, hunters, and professionals are crazy about it.

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