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Improvement Trends Of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a relatively old crushing tool and over the years, it has proven itself as one of the most efficient crushers. With a simple and reliable structure, the jaw crusher is widely utilized in many different industries, such as food processing industry, chemical industry, construction industry, etc. Even with so many different types of crushers on the market, jaw crusher is the crushing tool most of the operators go for. Usually, it is the first choice for material coarse crushing operations, because it is made from heavy-duty materials and is suitable to heavy-duty applications. Jaw crusher has gone through many improvements and development in order to be suitable to all types of crushing needs. But, in what direction the development of jaw crusher is leading? Here are the latest improvement trends of jaw crushers.

More Choices, More Crushing – The wider choice today is not only providing to more crushing, but it is slowly developing a new direction of fine crushing by saving energy and higher crushing efficiency. Crushing of materials is a production process needed in many industries, but each industry deals with different materials, and each material has different characteristics and structure. However, there are many jaw crusher types available on the market, so the operators can maximize the efficiency by choosing the most suitable jaw crusher.

Improved Structure And Reduced Weight – With the extensive use of latest technology, the design of jaw crusher has been significantly improved and strengthen up. By strengthening up the body frame and the parts, the jaw crusher is much more reliable and its range of use is extended. Also, the production capacity is increased, if not maximized. In addition to the improved structure, the body weight of jaw crushers has been significantly reduced, because less weight equals to better and more cost-efficient operation.

Improved Degree Of Automation – With the new jaw crusher design, the jaw crusher provides a better organized and more convenient production. The new design is computer-aided and is widely popular. The new jaw crusher improves the automatic degree and provides higher quality and lower operating costs. This popular jaw crusher automatic design is known as CAD.

Technology Innovation – The technology innovations contribute to various aspects of jaw crusher. The body frame comes with improved fatigue resistance and reliability, because the body frame is made without welding. By implementing a hydraulic material discharging mount, the jaw crusher is for a class better. Also, with so many technologies, the operators can enjoy a whole new jaw crusher operating experience.

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