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Indoor and Outdoor Plant Trends for 2018

Spring is almost here and so is the time to start thinking about how you can spend more of your time surrounded by greenery both indoors and outdoors. Because of their unparalleled beauty, plants are one of the easiest additions with which you can elevate the mood, improve concentration and productivity and even promote business success which is maybe one of the main reasons why their popularity has expanded so much over the past couple of years. That being said, creating your perfect haven both indoors and outdoors is pretty easy. The only thing you’ll need to do is to spend a little bit of time researching the different types of plants and see what is ideal for what kind of environment.

Creating an Outdoor Garden of Eden

Whether talking about a small patio area, a large open space or a backyard, it is all about turning it into a cozier place to be. And, apart from all the things you’ll certainly want to invest in (furniture, lights, BBQ area, firepit), there’s no reason to skip checking out the different outdoor plants for sale. Now more than ever, it is pretty easy to find the best outdoor plants for sale deals thanks to online stores which provide the best of both worlds – incredible plants and reasonable prices. Speaking of which, let’s see what are the most popular outdoor types of plants that you can make use of.

Photinia Red Robin – Photinia Red Robin is a great type of outdoor plant that can be used both for commercial and residential use as it can be utilized to enhance privacy. Th is is a type of shrub that can thrive perfectly in both warmer and colder climates, with dark green glossy leaves and new growth in red colour which makes it breathtaking. All in all, this is ultimate evergreen hedge and screening plant that can grow around 3-4 metres high and 1.5-2 metres wide.

Carissa grandiflora ‘Desert Star’ – Carissa grandiflora ‘Desert Star’ or also known as Desert Star is a small but compact shrub with amazing rounded glossy green leaves and attractive star-shaped and sweetly scented white flowers. This little to no maintenance plant is great for any type of garden and can grow up to be 1metre high and 1 metre wide.

Creating Indoor Garden Haven

Just like turning your outdoor place into a more appealing area is quite important, jazzing up your indoor one also matters. So, let’s see what are the most breathtaking plants for this purpose.

The Monstera – If you are looking for a type of flower that can give you a dose of greenery while being extremely stylish and appealing, I suggest that you choose the beautiful Monstera. This is a type of indoor plant that thrives in humidity and can make an exotic style statement in any type of indoor space.

Fiddle Leaf Fig – This is another type of plant that can immediately elevate the look of any type of space. To ensure even growth, you will need to rotate it weekly as they love leaning towards the light.

Rubber Tree Plant – The most interesting thing about this type of plant is that they do not like temperature changes and being transferred from a warm to cool room and vice versa which means that you will need to find it a good home and leave it there.

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