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Industry Trend: Toyota Launches New 8-Series Large Forklifts

Toyota Material Handling is a trusted and reputable manufacturer of material handling equipment. The Toyota forklift is the most popular machine from this company. The newest 8- series forklifts are described as the best on the market. These forklifts are designed to provide great fuel efficiency, high lifting performance and to be environment-friendly.


Ingenuity, modern design and high efficiency, Toyota has combined everything together in the new 8-series forklifts. From 1.300 kg to 3.000 kg maximum lifting capacity, there is a Toyota forklift to suit the unique needs of every operator. With all ergonomic and safety features included, the forklifts from this series offer better fuel and working efficiency, reduced gas emissions and smooth operation. The Toyota 8-series forklifts are powered with internal combustion engines, but the operators have a choice of dual-fuel, diesel and LPG models.

Aside from the high fuel and working efficiency, every Toyota forklift from this series provides the operators with an incredible comfort and great visibility. The seat is very comfy and well-positioned. Also, the operators have more floor space and a bigger step. Another important safety feature included in these Toyota forklift models is the System of Active Stability, which reduces the possibility of roll overs. This feature works in combination with the Active Mast Controller Function. The AMC function automatically matches any lift height and load weight, preventing in this way tipping over or dropping a load. Other ergonomic features include a curvilinear-shaped overhead guard post and a small-diameter steering wheel which uses active synchroniser to match the angle of the rear wheel.

The core values of Toyota are quality, reliability and durability. The new Toyota forklift models come with innovative technology and they are widely used in many industry sectors. These machines are efficient for both indoor and outdoor applications, capable to deal with timber, concrete and paper, and other material types.

The new Toyota forklift is equipped with many fuel-saving features. The first one is the so-called Eco-mode, which reduces the power to lower the fuel consumption. Another one is the load-sensing power steering system which reduces the power demand of the engine. And the third fuel-saving feature is the programmable Auto Engine Off, which is optional and is included in the LPG Dual Fuel engine models only. Other key improvements in the new Toyota forklift models are redesigned chassis, steel plate construction, water-resistant connectors and increased engine radiator size.

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