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Kids’ Bedroom Trends for 2017

When trying to make the most of decorating our kids’ bedrooms, it’s needless to say it’s a project that’s just as important to us as it is for them. Yes, they are their rooms, but we want out of them equal comfort, a warm, and welcoming environment, that are ideal for them to get all the sleep and rest they require, but also rooms that would provide enough stimulation for their full development.

Luckily, this year has proven not to be in lack of kids’ bedroom trends, so you can get plenty of ideas to get this project well taken care of. Starting from the influence of the environmental awareness, it’s no surprise things interior decor-related have been more focused on nature, and elements that are more eco-friendly, or organic. In this sense, not even kids beds have been left out.


No matter whether you’re looking for toddler beds, storage beds, or trundle beds, you can rest assured you can find them made of sustainable, and eco-friendly materials, and lacquered finishes without solvents, in a range of designs and colours, meaning there’s the right fit for your preference. Along with kids beds, there’s focus on the mattress as well, and if you want to go for a purchase that’s going to suit your budget more for the years to come, you can buy a bed that grows with your child.

In terms of materials, it’s safe to say it’s the time of bamboo, from mattress, to bedding, and clothing. Taking into account it provides luxury softness, superior to cotton, is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and thermoregulating, you can’t deny it’s exactly what you’d want for your child to sleep on, and wear.

As I already mentioned nature, it’s predominant when it comes to style too. This can be with prints, beddings, decorative cushions, toys, and colour schemes, where wildlife is all present, and of course, wallpaper. The days of wallpaper haven’t ended, so you can use their charm to make the room pop, make a statement with colours (though keep it within the range of pastels for a calm atmosphere) and define the space.

A wallpaper is more than an attractive idea when having in mind the designs of today are washable, so there’s no danger of damage on them, nor on the walls themselves, from your kids’ drawing appetite using walls as canvas.

Since it’s 2017, I can’t forget the trend of trends, Danish Hygge, which is all-things-cosy. This trend focuses on injecting the interior with as much cosiness as possible, and in the kids’ bedroom it’s something you can accomplish by introducing plenty of layers of comfortable knitwear, blankets, throws, rugs, and poufs. Now, get on with your decorating project, and make the room as cosy as can be.

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