Latest Direct Mailing Services Trends


Nowadays, we live in a world where doing business is really difficult and everyone strives to promote their products and services in the best, most convenient and cost-effective way to increase the presence on the marketplace. This is the main reason why many businesses take advantage of 3PL providers, which offer amazing direct mailing services.

Even today, direct mail marketing continues to be the most commonly used marketing tool, so why not benefit from a reliable 3PL finishing services provider. Therefore, as a business owner, one of the most important things you can do is to find a reliable online mail house company and take advantage of the direct mailing services they offer. With well planned direct mail marketing strategy and direct mailing services, your message will be successfully delivered to your current and potential customers. For this reason, find a reputable and trustworthy 3PL provider that is up to date with the latest direct mailing services trends and can provide you, not only with great direct mailing services, but also with reliable finishing services like picking, packing, wrapping and shipping services.

Take a look at the three of the hottest direct mail marketing trends popular these days.

  • PURLS (personalized URLs) – Personalization is a great trend in direct mail marketing. Companies are adjusting and aiming their messages to each customer individually with a unique content. PURLs are included on direct mail items and generally include customer’s name in the URL. So, when a customer types the PURL information in a web browser, he/she will be taken to a personalized website that contains specific information and special offers.
  • Integration – The next big trend in direct mail marketing is the integrated marketing. Integration includes creating messages across several mediums like email, social media, mail, etc. in order to produce leads and increase sales.
  • Include Product Samples – The third direct mailing services trend is including product samples. This way, direct mail becomes essential and more valuable as a trial tool. Therefore, as a business owner, find a company specialized in creating product samples in order to increase you return on investment.
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