Latest Safe Guide: Heelys Roller Shoes For Kids

So you keep hearing the word “Heelys” from your kids every single day. They constantly talk about it with their friends, claiming that they would die for a pair. Wait, what? Okay now you have to know what they are talking about. Just take the time to search it, you can find basically everything on the Internet. Well, you are on the right place. Take a look at my guide to never again feel out of the loop.


What are Heelys?

Heelys roller shoes for kids are sneakers that come with a hidden wheel in the back and that is what makes them the ultimate sneakers for children. Made with high quality materials, their soles do not wear quickly from friction and dragging and they feature the latest shoe styling. Heelys are very comfortable, practical and so much different from all the roller skates your child has had. Plus, they are pretty safe to walk around in. But although you may think your kid is safe out there while having wheels on his sneakers, it is never too much to take some safety precautions.

Things You Need To Know

  • Wearing protective gear while rolling on Heelys roller shoes for kids is a must. You definitely do not want your child’s body to be covered in bruises, do you? Kids will be kids and as much as Heelys may be safe to roll around with, buy your child a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards so you ensure he is safe.
  • Also, when teaching your little one how to roller skate, make sure he staggers his feet while rolling, with one foot in front of the other. If he keeps both feet together, he will most likely fall.
  • As much as he may beg you with his cute, sad eyes, do not allow your child to wear Heelys in skate mode inside the house. Even if they really do not mark up the floor, it is still not safe. Why? Well, if your kid falls inside, chances are he will bump into some of the furniture and hurt himself.
  • Many places, including schools, museums, libraries and others, ban children from wearing Heelys in skate mode. The best places for children to do this is definitely in more open spaces such as in the park.
  • Do not let your kids use Heelys in skate mode on stairs, on uneven surfaces, while in or near traffic. It is their safety you will be putting at risk.
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