LED Lighting Trends for 2018

Out of all new technologies and trends available on the market, the LED industry certainly is the leading one. Ever since its introduction, this technology has evolved a lot and nowadays these fittings are one of the most used types of lighting solutions. The investments in this industry trend were huge and as a result, its products have become more affordable which led to great success and popularity.


According to many reports, 2017 was a very successful year for this industry wherein the LED market was worth around $33.1 billion, which is a great improvement from the not so bad state in 2016, when it was worth around $29.6 billion. The best news is that experts predict an even bigger growth this year, but we’ll see the final results at the end of it. So, let’s see what changes are going to lead to the LEDs being immensely popular this year.


Reduced Prices

During the first years of presence on the market, LED products were not that affordable, but thanks to the many new innovations and cost-effective technologies, the prices were significantly reduced which have helped to the industry’s rapid growth. According to many experts, thanks to the many cost-cutting solutions and the increasement in the popularity of LED products, it is expected the prices to go even lower in the present 2018. Nowadays, we can make use of a plethora of different LED lights fittings designed for both indoor or outdoor use. Their main purpose is to cut your costs while illuminating the space in remarkable way. What’s more, you can choose between a plethora of LED lights fittings as well as colours in order to meet your personal needs.


Smarter LED Fixtures

Out of all LED trends on the market, smart LED products are the newest and the best invention so far. It is predicted that LED devices are going to be connected to the Internet or other network devices in future, through which they can be controlled. A few years ago, smart LED light fixtures were a luxury, but nowadays, intelligent LED lights are being used as an indoor lighting in our homes (mainly for decorative purposes), as an energy efficient lighting solutions, as security lighting for residential or commercial purposes and even for some public areas like certain streets.

Non-visible LED Light Applications

Unlike visible LED lights, the non-visible LED lights operate in the “invisible” realm of the light spectrum and are less used for lighting and back-lighting applications. However, these days, a lot of LED manufacturers have been trying to include the non-visible ones which means that you can expect this trend to be a great success. The reason for this is the fact that UV LED light products are now more more used in the industrial, food, beauty, health-care and commercial sectors for various applications.

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