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Letter Box Trends That Deliver

They say that first impressions last, and when it comes to sprucing up your home’s curb appeal, there is one element that many disregard while planning their exterior design – the letter box. It is a small but still quite important ingredient whose type needs to be greatly considered for the ultimate first impression that should be nothing less than wow-ing. Ideally, the letter box should reflect the overall essence of the house, either in terms of material, style or some other feature. Update your “in-box” design to complement your home or draw more attention – the choice is totally up to you.

Brighten up the entry

A bright-coloured mailbox paired with a doormat in the same colour or pattern that involves that particular shade will breathe life into a neutral coloured and simple entrance décor. Pick a hue that you’re drawn to and implement it into your design in a creative way. Colours have the power to make or break the look, so choose them wisely.

Fence it up

How about you make getting the mail a kind of a morning exercise for yourself and put your mail box to the fence? Plus, by posting a fence letter box, you will save the mail carrier a trip to your house. Furthermore, a fence letter box is a great way to keep your security and privacy up near your home. Here’s another idea: if your fence is near the end of the driveway, light up the mailbox if you tend to pick up your mail at night. This way you will be actually able to see where you are headed and make sure you will get everything that’s inside it.

Match the hardware

Choose a letterbox design and material that is similar to or the same one as your doorbell and front door hardware. This way you will keep the details of the entry consistent and will also create a unified design that will complement the exterior design of your home.

Personalize the box

A custom-made mailbox will certainly add more interest to your outdoor space. For instance, if you live in a beach house, it would be a cool idea to create a custom lighthouse mailbox to greet your guests in a unique way. A mailbox like this one will extend your home’s exterior style to the curb appeal, plus nobody else will have the exact one as you. Just the perfect pinch of extraordinary and unique flare.


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