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Makeup Trends Through The Years

Addicted to makeup? If so, you probably keep track of the latest makeup trends that seem to change faster than the speed of sound. But, are you really a true ‘makeup geek’? You may be in tune with the latest happenings, but how familiar are you with the history of makeup evolution and trends that have been changing through the years?

Here’s a small makeup encyclopedia that will take you on a journey of the makeup beauty scene over the years. Get ready for a take-off!

  • Present-Day – Today, it is all about natural-looking makeup techniques with less effort. Probably, the busy living of the modern world has taken its toll and women are looking for fast and effective makeup-results. Perhaps this is why more and more women undergo cosmetic tattooing, a ‘no more smudged makeup’ solution. No more eyeliners and filling in eyebrow gaps. Cosmetic tattoo is the ‘wake up with makeup’ beauty trend of the present-day. Thanks to the cutting-edge cosmetic tattoo, the gentle gender can finally have the long-desired look in the blink of an eye.


  • The 1990s – Makeup trends during the 90s were mostly inspired by the music/movie industry. Musicals such as ‘Evita’ starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas, or ‘Grease’ (Part I/Part II), had an immense influence on the makeup styles during this decade. The most prevalent 90s makeup trend was the ‘grungy look’ that featured heavy, smoky eye-makeup in greys, nude lip-shades and very little to no blush at all. Commonly, the ‘grungy girls’ were the 90s skinny girls who represented this morphed look, also known as ‘heroine chic’.


  • The 1980s – The 80s were not only known for Europe’s mega-hit ‘The Final Countdown’ and Debbie Harry’s ‘Blondie’, but for the unique makeup trend as well. 80s ladies tended to have the ‘West Coast tanned’ look which they were getting by using foundation, loose powder and bright pink blush. The 80s nighttime look featured dark eyeliner and mascara application, along with eye-shadow shades in blues, greens, pinks and oranges.


  • The 1970s – Welcome to the disco decade. We all remember ‘ABBA’, right? Well, this is how both men and women looked back then, when it was all about ‘afros’ and Saturday-night fever! Back then, women preferred the healthy and natural look, with little to no makeup at all. In fact, tinted moisturizers and face creams worked as substitutions for face powder, which is why 70s women looked always dewy and fresh.


  • The 1960s – Mini skirts and big screen sirens is what pop ups to our minds when we think of the golden 60s. The focus of makeup in this decade was on the luscious red lips and brazen, vivid eyes. Blending different eye-shades was extremely popular among women of that time. The light base, particularly the white eye shadow worked as a cosmetic tattoo for women, as it was used as the base of every 60s woman makeup. The eyeliner was worn above and beneath the eyelashes, and when it comes to mascara, it was used in much greater amounts then we use it today.




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