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Manuka Honey Is The Latest Must-Try Health And Fitness Trend

The healing effects of honey are known since ancient times, but it wasn’t until late 19th century that scientists discovered the antibacterial qualities of this natural product. Today, in spite of all modern medications, honey, specifically Manuka honey, remains one of the most reliable natural solutions for treating infections and inflammations.


Manuka honey got its name after manuka tree (grows in the hills and valleys of New Zealand wilderness and southeastern Australia only) honey bees feed on. It can be used raw or in some other Manuka honey products form such as: manuka honey soap, spray, pills, etc. The reason Manuka honey has tremendous nutritional, immune boosting, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities is because of its structure which is rich with amino acids, iron, B vitamin, magnesium, zinc, calcium, sodium and more.

Manuka honey products can be used to:

  • Improve the quality of sleep;
  • Treat wounds and burns;
  • Reduce high-cholesterol;
  • Treat diabetes;
  • Prevent and reduce inflammations;
  • Treat eyes, ears and sinuses infections;
  • Prevent and treat certain types of cancer;
  • Treat cold and sore throat.

All these benefits are not what made Manuka honey a new health and fitness trend. It is the is the fact that this honey is an effective energy replacement and energy booster. If you are like majority of the nutrition-minded sportsmen, who doesn’t want to consume energy drinks, which are loaded with sugar and artificial flavourings, colours and sweeteners, then make Manuka honey products part of your daily eating habit. Perfect for recovering your energy after a hard training session, you can also use Manuka honey before exercising to boost your energy level and improve the strength and flexibility of your muscles.

It is for this reasons that Manuka honey has became a new fitness trend numerous people are becoming part of. Manuka honey products are all-natural solution for healing and preventing some of the aforementioned health conditions. Therefore, consider adding this product to your nutrition. But be cautious as there are many counterfeit products claiming to be or contain 100% pure Manuka honey. Buy your natural supplements from a reputable source only to ensure perfect health.

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