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Modern Interior Design Trends Dominated By Asian Influence

Furniture trends seem to pop up as fast as singles in pop culture and new fragrances in the perfume industry. And just as everything seems to start with Beyonce in the world of pop these days, almost every furniture style today exhibits Asian influence. Asian decor is more than a trend among designers and homeowners. It’s a signature.

But what’s causing this frenzy? It seems it is the simplicity, authenticity, functionality and sleek design of Asian furniture and accessories. Let’s admit it – we are all fascinated with Asian culture and even more impressed with Asian décor. It is stylish, classy and elegant. No wonder everyone wants to add a piece of Asian furniture to their home interior. From decorative screens, woven straw mats, paper lamb and floral wallpaper patterns to dark wood Asian furniture pieces, Asian influence dominates modern interior designs.


For example, decorative screen is a very popular Asian home décor piece often chosen by designers. It can have wooden frames and gorgeous cutouts filled with rice paper. Screens can be used as room dividers and also to add an exotic flavor to an existing room decor.

Low Asian furniture is being more and more incorporated into modern interior designs. Asian furniture pieces that imitate the curves of buildings in Asian countries such as Japan, China or Thailand, make great choice for side tables and coffee tables. For example, a low rectangle table with a heater in the middle which features dark finish and clean lines is in Japan the emotional center of every home. Also, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy is another trend to follow. A simple, yet elegant way to decorate walls and add that Asian twist to your home.

Asian influence can also be seen in bedroom design trends. This is the main room in Asian culture. And designers are including more Japanese furniture pieces into their designs. Reason is the fact that most Japanese furniture is low to the ground, sleek and simple. To spice up a bit, use bright red, dark brown or black furniture pieces. Also, clour the walls with warm earth colors; add bamboo shades as a simple window treatment, and rice paper lamps and bamboo rugs to complete the room.

Feng shui is also another Asian trend popular today. It is a way of decorating your home by creating vibrant feeling of joy and harmony. Feng shui is used with the goal of creating a loving, supportive, fun and happy environment. For example, a home office needs an active, vibrant energy of success, while a bedroom needs a soft and sensual energy. Feng shui principles should be closely followed in order to achieve the desired energy.

If you are interested in buying Asian furniture, you can visit an Asian furniture Melbourne local store or check online to see what’s available. Auction is another way to buy Asian furniture pieces. There are really numerous ways to find trendy yet affordable Asian and Japanese furniture pieces, you just need to know exactly what you want and the style you want to achieve.

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