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New Holland Developing Trend – Superior Lifting Performance

New Holland is one very popular manufacturer of backhoe loaders, and recently it upgraded its B-Series of New Holland backhoe loaders. The New Holland backhoe loaders from the B-Series come with more options to meet the requirements of all customers. Also, these improved machines offer superior performance and power on the job site. The B-Series includes six New Holland backhoe loader models with turbocharged engines that provide 95 to 108 horsepower, and include plenty of new controls and features. Every model delivers enough torque and power to carry out any loading, digging, pushing or trenching job faster.


With two transmission options, a Powershift and Powershuttle, the New Holland backhoe loaders from the B-Series are capable to meet the requirements of every customer. The Powershift transmission provides the operator with either automatic or manual gear shifting modes, while the Powershuttle transmission provides four forward and reverse gears. Additionally, the breakout force of the B-Series New Holland backhoe loaders has been improved, as well as their lifting performance. The superior lifting performance and incredible dump reach of these loaders increases the productivity and allows the operators to dump materials faster.

The breakout force of the New Holland backhoe loaders ranges from 5500 kg to 6900 kg, making them capable to handle even toughest digging operations. The ideal applications for the New Holland backhoe loaders would be some grading and land clearing applications. Also, the B-Series includes a model with a long reach and a tool carrier model. The one with the long reach is a compact machine, and it has the longest reach of all New Holland backhoe loaders. The tool carrier model is ideal for material handling applications, as it is capable of self-leveling.

The fuel efficiency of these backhoe loaders is increased for almost 10%, due to the variable volume hydraulic system. This system improves the cycle times, as it operates at a lower temperature than the common hydraulic systems. The New Holland backhoe loaders from the B-Series feature a curved-boom design, which decreases the transport height and increases the digging power. They still have the typical narrow-boom design for greater visibility.

Furthermore, the backhoe loaders from the B-Series support a variety of attachments, including booms, forks, hydraulic hammers, rakes and augers. A mechanical quick-attach system in combination with an auxiliary hydraulic circuit can provide faster and easy hook-up with many attachments.

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