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Nissan Navara: Get More Power Out of Your Engine With an Exhaust Upgrade

Utility vehicles and pick-up trucks have become all the rage in Australia in the past several years. The average commuter, families and tradesmen alike opt to go for a nice and functional utility vehicle, over a sports car or something else fancy. The main reason is, utility and pick-up trucks are made with durability, reliability and functionality in mind. This means that they may lack some power in their stock state, however, that isn’t something to fuss about. If you want power, you can get it.

The Nissan Navara is one of the most popular utility vehicles that’s doing extremely well on the best-selling charts, and with good reason. The Navara is reliable, offers a stable and enjoyable ride for commuters and is a quality vehicle overall. If you own a Nissan Navara, and want to add to it’s performance, then getting a Nissan Navara exhaust upgrade is probably the best way to do so. Even though the engine on most Nissan Navara’s are capable of unleashing more horsepower and throttle, some stock exhaust systems are simply not up to the task to allow the exhaust gases to flow in an uninterrupted manner.


When shopping for a Nissan Navara exhaust upgrade, there are a few things you should pay attention to, if you truly want to get a performance upgrade. Moreover, you aren’t just getting more performance in the form of throttle and horsepower, but you’ll also be reaping some other benefits, such as faster gas flow, which will lead to cleaner emissions and improved fuel economy.

The first thing you have to consider when buying a new performance increasing exhaust, regardless for which vehicle, is the material it’s built from. The two top choices are typically aluminised and stainless steel. The reason these are most popular are their price tag, which is relatively low and affordable, and their quality. These materials aren’t susceptible to heat as much as the materials stock exhausts are built from.

Furthermore, the pipe diameter matters a lot. The larger the pipes, the more room exhaust gases have to flow in and out of the vehicle. However, you shouldn’t overdo it on the size, as too large may not be a good fit, and that will still compromise the performance. Larger pipes ensure more oxygen goes into the engine, and that will allow your engine to burn fuel more effectively. Moreover, the toxic gases that leave the engine are going to leave your surroundings at a much faster rate.

And lastly, shop for an entire exhaust system package. There’s no point in upgrading or replacing a part or two alone, because the compatibility won’t be there, and the old parts will still underperform and they’ll wear down quicker than usual.

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