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Polluted Air Can Wreak Havoc with Your Heath: Use Air Quality Meter Instead

If you are human, just like me, or any living organism for that matter, you probably enjoy breathing a lot and you just hate it when your air is all polluted and smelly.

When most people think about air pollution, they immediately imagine large industrial chimneys blowing dark fumes high into the air. While that does affect the overall air quality both locally and globally, in reality, the worst air quality you experience on a daily basis is very likely located right inside your living room or your office.

air quality meter

Lately, most buildings and houses are being constructed “tighter” in order to conserve energy. But the downside of that tight construction is reduced ventilation that traps all kinds of indoor air pollutants (both chemical and biological) that build up over time and may be harmful to your health.

Since people spend most of their time indoors, an individual’s health and comfort are greatly dependent on regular air quality testing and the easiest, most consistent and reliable way to do that is with an air quality meter.

Some of the immediate health effects that might show up as a result of indoor air pollution may include eyes, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, fatigue, dizziness and so on. But, usually, these immediate effects are short-term and easily treatable. Very often the treatment is simply removing the person away from the source of pollution, provided that it can be identified. Whether a person reacts to immediate air pollutants depends on several factors such as age or preexisting medical conditions, and may vary from person to person.

The long-term effects, on the other hand, are much more severe and may even be fatal. They may show up either many years after the exposure or after repeated periods of exposure. These effects may include respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer. This is why it is crucial that you improve the indoor air quality in your home and workspace even if there are no noticeable symptoms at the moment.

An air quality meter will help you locate the source of pollution in homes, schools, offices and more. Today, these instruments use the latest technology available in air quality monitoring and they can be customized with additional sensors and parameters. A typical air quality meter can accept up to 6 different sensors and display up to 6 parameters simultaneously such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels, as well as many other gasses, humidity, temperature, and so on, but there are, of course, even more advanced models.

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