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Popular Homeware Trends To Make Your Space Livable and Lovable

There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to create your own space with all the things you adore. When furnishing a place, the focus of our attention is largely directed towards the big furniture items like sofas, coffee tables and buffets. But plenty of beauty can also be found in the small details you choose to decorate your home with. It’s the charming little homewares that give your space enough character to look liveable. And if you choose right, it can become more loveable as well. If you’re in search of inspiration, here are some popular homeware trends to kick start your creativity.


Search for Ideas from the Vast Choice Online

Like with everything else, shopping online is also a huge trend in homewares. Nowadays, it’s very easy to find amazing online homewares from the comfort of your own home. Online shopping for décor items is a very smart thing to do. It allows you to compare your room’s current setting with pictures of the product and decide whether they will be a winning match.

What’s more, many stores offer inspiration on their blogs on how to match and creatively use décor items such as clocks, rugs, and lighting. It happens very often that we fall in love with an item but are not sure how to implement in our design scheme. This way you get to learn about more creative ways you can decorate, like for instance this amazing combo of multiple clocks showing different time zones.

Keep Track of Times

Speaking of clocks… A room is never finished unless it features at least one. This lovely décor piece can serve a dual function in your home – allow you to better track time while also being a conversation piece. Whether it’s vintage wall clock, a huge grandfather clock, or an alarm clock, this functional and attractive item will keep your interior in style and on time. Clocks are very affordable, and with the plethora of designs you can find at any online homewares store, there really is no excuse not to get at least one.


Dress Up Your Walls

The ultimate home decorating mistake you can make is to leave your walls bare. Bare walls should be seen only in hospitals and prison cells. Give your walls more warmth by introducing beautiful wall decor. It doesn’t even have to be expensive, unless you’re an art critic. Prints, murals, inspirational sayings, a cascade of plates, even pictures of your family – it all counts as wall décor.

Don’t Forget the Floors

Next to wall colour, floors are the largest and most prominent visual in a home. And like bare walls, bare floors can also look cold and unwelcoming. What artwork is for walls, that’s what rugs can be for your floors. Not only will rugs provide you with comfort and warmth under your feet, they can also give a lively uplift to monochromatic floors. If your interior is on the modern side, adding several geometrically inspired rugs featuring zig zag lines or circles can tie the rest of the interior together. This is especially beautiful if executed in a Scandi themed setting. On the other hand if you’re leaning towards the traditional, there are plenty of classic designs featuring subtle flowery patterns which can transport your home back to the past.

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