Postal service trends

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While some people feel that mail is slowly becoming a dying service, there are many counter arguments that prove otherwise. The fact that bulk mail services was one of first marketing techniques used to reach a reliable market segment goes to show how important role mail houses did have and still do. We are all aware of the fact that electronic documentation will be the future for all of us, but there will always be the need for written documents. Besides these familiar benefits that mail service offers, in recent years many mail houses have found new areas of operation in terms of new and innovative service ideas. Postal companies have identified that all companies which use bulk mail don’t have the time for packing and finishing services for their products. That is why today all these services like plastic wrapping, shrink wrapping and other fulfillment services are being offered as one whole package – tailored to specific needs of a client.

Plastic and shrink wrapping is becoming an emerging trend in postal services because the benefits that come with it are numerous. Plastic wrapping documents or any other promotional material, offers better visual presentation and higher protection of the same. It is a service adopted by 90% of mail houses that have identified that not only it is cheaper, but it is more satisfying for customers as well. Following this further, wrapping is more Eco-friendly (plastic used is 100% degradable) and more cost effective. If you consider that paper envelopes need to be prepared by hand, plastic packing is way faster because of the advanced automated wrapping machines used in the process.

Mail houses have managed to extend their services to all possible options. Moreover, mail houses today also offer packaging and product assembly services for companies that don’t have proper resources of doing this. From hampers packing to boxing, postal offices are trying to enter all possible business areas which they feel will turn out to be cost effective. Even special climate control rooms are being added to the facilities so that temperature-sensitive products can be prepared for long distance deliveries.

These relatively new services that post offices offer to wholesalers come with a large price tag. But if your accounting team does the math, you will see that it is actually your company that saves money over long term. Because if all of these tasks were assigned to your staff, not only will you have to pay overtime, but overall monthly costs will rise also.

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