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Scandinavian Design Trend: Bring This Homey Style Into Your Living Room

As the home has become the most important place where one retreats from everyday stress, people are increasingly searching for calmer, cleaner and more enjoyable options for their interior design. With this in mind, why not consider implementing the Scandinavian design as this is a foolproof way to creating a simple, yet beautiful interior. Quality precedes quantity here, and clutter is replaced with sophistication and minimalism.

Functionality also plays an essential role in Scandinavian design, especially when it comes to the living room. Scandi living rooms need to be practical, fun to live in and the items present need to serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. Read through some ideas and elements typical for this style and you may get inspired to re-create your living room.

Simple Furniture – Simple Living

In a Scandi designed living room knickknacks (if any) are kept to a minimum. Light coloured furniture with clean, simple lines and wooden elements are in the centre of attention. Complex shapes rarely fit in, whereas simple furniture design creates an elegant and sophisticated touch. All designer furniture online Australia shops provide high-quality pieces made of natural light-coloured wood accompanied with fine fabrics and soothing patterns. White is the dominant colour in Scandinavian living rooms, and wood always looks good when paired with white. Also, many furniture pieces additionally offer hidden storage space which can furthermore minimize clutter.

Splash of Colours – Find the Perfect Combo

As mentioned above, white is the main colour shade when it comes to furniture pieces, walls, doors and floors. However, an overdose of white can be boring. So, in the last few years, another neutral colour has found its way to coexisting with the timeless white. You can kill monotony by adding a cozy couch in grey, or you can create an accent with smokey grey wall art. Usually, smoother, lighter shades of grey go hand in hand with Scandinavian style, but you can opt for darker ones if you are in search of greater visual contrast. You can liven up the space by looking through designer furniture online Australia shops offer, and easily choose a piece of furniture in even more vibrant colours (just don’t overdo it).

Things That Make a Difference

In a Scandi designed living room, an especially homey and welcoming atmosphere can be achieved by adding a fireplace or a woodstove in the corner of the room. You can use the firewood as additional décor since it will fit well with the rest of the furniture. When it comes to accessorizing, things change as seasons come and go. In summer, you can use more greenery, and in winter bring in extra candles, warm knits and fairy lights.

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