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Self Watering Pots: The Latest Trend for Wise and Urban Gardeners

Spending hours with the watering hose in your hands and meditating over your plants is so gone in history. Well OK, maybe for watering a large grassy surface or something similar, but for smaller areas planted with vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowers, the procedure has dramatically changed. In fact, the entire concept of growing plants has evolved; we no longer dig entire holes disrupting the otherwise perfectly green grassy backyard, we use planters. Perfectly stylish, practical and efficient planters which we can place anywhere we like so they can either be within our arm’s reach or beautify whichever spot in our outdoor or indoor area.

Self Watering Pots

Planters are a very convenient option for planting plants; you just need to fill them with soil and nutritive compost and choose your plants. Connect two or three planters together and you have a perfectly fancy flowery row for instance; talk about a splash of colour on your patio, balcony or in front of the windows. Additionally, modern planters aren’t just simple planter boxes; thanks to the fast advancements in technology, there are now self-watering planters that reduce the time you’d spend on watering to the lowest minimum. There’s a large and very versatile self water pot online offer from more than one aspect: colour, design and size.

The self water pot online retailers offer is truly revolutionary and of great help to all urban gardeners. The technology cuts the plant watering time, meaning you literally don’t need to do anything. The construction of the planter includes a water reservoir beneath the main pot. There’s a capillary web included that transfers the water from the reservoir into the soil. The planter also has a water level-indicator that shows you how much water is left and whether you need to refill the reservoir, which is pretty much your only obligation. If your planters are exposed to rain or are placed outdoors, then the planter box can refill itself with rain water.

However, you should take care of the nutrition needs of your plants; as a gardener you know exactly what nutrients and how much of them each plant needs. Also, pay attention whether and how much your plants require exposure to sunlight so you know where to position them. And finally, some plants simply don’t need a lot of water and moisture, so make sure they are not on the open and place them where they won’t get too much moisture – the water from the planter should be more than enough for this type of plants.

In conclusion, self-watering planters have raised the level of gardening; all that’s left to urban gardeners today, is to devote their time to literally taking cosmetic care of their plants and feed them with nutritive compost when the time comes. Of course, using them for decorating the backyard is just another pleasure of owning these innovative planters.

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