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Stay Trendy, Get all the Z’s Every Night: The 2017 Sleep Trends

How’s life treating you? If you’re like me, no matter how, the answer is always going to be negative as long as you haven’t had a night of quality sleep. This is why when it comes to trends, one can’t overlook those that have to do with sleep, especially taking into account how important sleep is for our overall well-being.

Electric Adjustable Bed

Now that it’s almost time to wave this year goodbye, it’s the perfect period to reflect on this year, and its not-so-healthy sleep trends, like smart sleeping which obliged more people to keep track of the amount of sleep, leaving us concerned more often than not and actually losing sleep by doing so.

Fact is we don’t all need the same amount of sleep, so choose quality over quantity (the eight hours per day rule) and you’re going to be just fine. This leads me to the trend of electric adjustable bed base, which is a trend that gets my thumbs up, no longer only available for hospitals.

The ingenious, easy to use design, with a wireless remote control, can not only help with your sleep, but make it possible to relieve certain health problems as well, in the likes of lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, breathing, heart, and osteoarthritis problems, as well as acid reflux.

This is possible thanks to the wall-hugging electric adjustable bed base technology, which gives you the control over the position that most suits you. Simply add the base to your mattress, and make use of the remote to find the adequate position.

You’d be able to relax, having the chance to get pressure relief, the healthy posture for quality sleep, much-needed support for your legs, knees, ankles, neck, and head, and proper circulation.

When you raise your upper body while sleeping, you can count on reduction of snoring, and the unpleasant heartburn, due to the release of pressure off your chest, whereas with the lower body raised you eliminate lower back pressure, and of course, the unwanted leg swelling.

Let’s not forget reading, watching TV, and using the laptop in bed gets a whole lot easier! Talk about staying in pjs all day, huh? Though if you ask me, I’m up for eliminating tech items from the sleep oasis, following another 2017 sleep trend – clean sleep .

Don’t forget to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary, and don’t overlook the importance of getting enough z’s every night. If you have trouble relaxing, or falling asleep easily, you can count on some apps  to help you out, or the good ol’ recipe – warm milk.

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