Sustainable Fashion Trends – the Best Brands to Shop for Style and Practicality

The goal of sustainability is to create an economic system that provides a quality life for both the people and the environment, so many companies today are striving to become as eco-friendly as possible. Nowadays, you can find eco-friendly food packing solutions, skin care products, cleaning products and even clothing. However, there is no doubt that right after the oil industry, the fashion industry is among the biggest polluters, so many brands have started using more organic materials in their production process.

The main goal of sustainable fashion is to use natural materials, maintain the standards and minimize the waste. Speaking of eco-friendly pieces, have you ever considered switching to organic clothing? If not, now is the time to reconsider this – do something good for the environment and buy a piece or two of some of the following sustainable brands that I think are very cool.


Bamboo Body – Did you know that fabrics made from bamboo are more breathable and softer than cotton? Bamboo Body is one of the most popular brands today as it uses this amazing fabric to design a wide range of organic womens clothing and a range of bamboo apparel for men. The clothing they make has a UPF protection level of 50 against UV rays, which makes it perfect for summer. Being based in Australia, this company offers free shipping anywhere on our continent for any order over $50. For international orders, the shipping price will be calculated depending on the location and the weight of the order.

Patagonia – The style this company offers is perfect for any extreme outdoor activity. They incorporate a mix of different techniques and use organic materials to design some of the most sustainable and very good looking clothing pieces. They are known for their quality and durable clothing which is perfect for any rigorous outdoor activity. The coolest thing about Patagonia is that in case something goes wrong with your piece of clothing – they will repair it for you. If that can’t be done, they will recycle it.

Shift to Nature – This is a one-stop shop for everything you may need – be it organic womens clothing, apparel for men, or cute pieces for kids. You can choose from their wide range of activewear or bed linens. They offer luxury clothing using sustainable materials like bamboo, certified organic cotton, hemp, merino wool, silk and other eco-friendly textiles – all with the purpose of protecting and preserving the environment.

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