Swimsuit Trends by Horoscope Sign

With so many different swimwear trends on display, sometimes can be very hard to know which one will really suit you. Continue reading to find out which swimsuit styles are ideal for each zodiac sign!

Swimsuit Trends


Women born under the sign of Aries need swimsuits tailored to withstand any activity. Aries women are known to speak their mind, hence the ideal bathing suit for them would be a one-piece number, preferably in red color.


Some of the most defining characteristics of Taurus women include beauty and serenity. When it comes to swimwear, they appreciate comfort above all. A simple bandeau or a designer swimsuit, would be perfect for the Taurus woman.


Women born under this sign need playful and bright swimsuits. Geminis enjoy a bit of drama and a captivated audience, so a multi-colored fringe bikini or some unusual geometric print bikini, will definitely turn heads on the beach.


Cancer is the most emotional of all astrology signs. Cancer women have a nostalgic and sentimental personality, so a vintage swimsuit or a delicate side-tie bikini, would be perfect for Cancer’s feminine physique.


Leo women need a swimsuit that reflects their bold and courageous tendencies. The Leo woman will sizzle in a bondage bikini or a swimwear in any shade of yellow, orange or gold.


Virgos are practical and health-oriented. A bandeau bikini or a swimsuit in white or black, would be great for the meticulous Virgo.


Libras are elegant and very graceful. A floral ruffle bandeau encompasses all that Libra loves: romance, beauty and harmony. Libra women should wear a swimsuit that reflects their characteristics.


Scorpio women are mysterious and classy, hence they should choose a one-piece swimsuit in a dark color, like black, dark blue or purple.


The Sagittarian women are very carefree and outspoken, hence they need an eye-catching, cut-out one-piece swimsuit or an animal print bikini.


Capricorn women are very elegant and stylish, so the best choice for them would be the classic black bikini which exudes simple, refined elegance. However, they can also choose a black one-piece or one shoulder swimsuit.


Aquarius women are a bit eccentric and unpredictable. This reflects on their style and they always must have some unique swimsuit. The cross-back bikini is perfect for the Aquarius woman.


Dreamy Pisces women will shine in a cute baby pink or shimmering swimsuit, which exudes their sensitive and playful nature.

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