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The Latest Australia Immigration Trends

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Growing number of people are leaving their homes and mother-countries in search of finding a better place elsewhere in the world. Most common reasons for this are: better job opportunities, salary, education, political issues and safety. Thus, immigration is an increasingly important component of all better developed and economically stable countries as they offer opportunities which appeal to many. With unstable economy and turbulent political scene, which characterize majority of countries today, a need for stable income and safe living environment is what drives many young and middle-aged people to migrate. According to statistics and history, Australia is one of those countries composed of immigrants.

In fact, Australia’s historical and economic development are very much tied to immigration. Since 1945 Australia’s immigration trend was on the rise and due to this, today one in four Australians is born overseas. This is especially true for the past decade as Australian government made skilled migration a priority. According to Organization For Economic Co-Operation And Development (OESD), Australia ranked among ‘Top 10’ most desired immigration countries along Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Switzerland. Also, Australian Department of Immigration reported an increase in number of immigrants of about 9% compared to 2010/11 figures. Majority of immigrants originated from India, China and some European countries and most of them came under either work or family/partner visa.

Main reasons why Australia is new ‘land of dreams’ are: rising economy, good education system, better employment opportunities, low unemployment rate, low taxes, excellent health system and social welfare, alluring nature and ideal climate. Political stability, low crime rates and protection of human rights which provide personal security are also very appealing to immigrants. Additionally, reformed ‘Skilled Migration’ program contributes to attracting skilled immigrants who not only fulfill Australia’s labor shortage, but also contribute to better economic benefits. According to many testimonials, Australia and its people welcome immigrants and make them feel as if they have always been part of their society, unlike other developed world countries. This is especially true for those who have immigrated under employer sponsored program and partner visa Australia.

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