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The Newest Volvo D-Series Wheeled Excavator Models

Volvo Construction Equipment has produced lots of powerful and reliable series of wheeled excavators, but the D-Series is definitely the best wheeled excavator series of the company. Introduced in the early 2012, Volvo D-Series features 4 wheeled excavator models: EW140D, EW160D, EW180D and EW210D. Flexible, productive, mobile, quality and very fuel efficient, there is a lot to love about Volvo D-Series wheeled excavators.

In the construction and mining industry, the wheeled excavator has an indispensable value. Volvo D-Series wheeled excavators are suitable to a variety of applications: breaking concrete, boring holes, digging trenches, lifting and grading. The operating weight of these four wheeled excavator models range from 14 tonnes to 21 tonnes, maximum digging reach from 9.27 m to 10 m, maximum digging depth from 5.71 m to 6.6 m. Volvo D-Series excavators offer numerous advantages, including fuel efficiency, flexibility, advanced hydraulics, incredible cabin, structure and great environmental impact.


Volvo EW140D comes with a 141 hp (105 kW) Volvo D5H engine and maximum operating weight of 15.8 tonnes. Volvo EW160D features the next generation Volvo engine D6H with 154 horsepower (115 kW), while EW180D and EW210D have 173 horsepower (129 kW). Both D5H and D6H are Tier 4 Interim compliant engines and are known for delivering lower emissions and reducing the fuel consumption. These 4- and 6-cylinder wheeled excavator models feature the popular V-ACT technology, developed by Volvo, which provides high torque at low engine speeds. This unique combination by Volvo provides more power and better fuel efficiency.

The engines function perfectly with the advanced hydraulics and simple components. They offer few work modes, including the Eco mode that increases the fuel efficiency significantly. Also, they include a fuel saving feature – Auto Idle, an idling system that reduces the engine speed if the system monitors inactivity for about 20 seconds. Another fuel saving feature is the auto shut down system, which shuts down the engine off if the wheeled excavator is inactive for a previously set period.

Outside and inside, the cabin of each wheeled excavator from D-Series has been designed carefully with attention paid to detail. These Volvo wheeled excavators feature a rear view camera, displayed on a quality color monitor in the cabin. Also, the operators have an option to get side view cameras for improved safety and visibility. Ergonomically placed and easy to use controls and an exceptional all around visibility, these spacious cabins enhance the productivity of operators. The operator fatigue-free seat is completely adjustable, as well as the joystick and the pedals, in order the operators to adjust their perfect operating position.

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