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The 3-in-1 Trolley: A Trend in Warehouse Lifting

Managing a busy and full to the brim warehouse presents many challenges. How to keep the fast pace of work without overburdening your employees? And how to manage the logistics in order to promote an increase in productivity? – These are just some of the warehouse organizational problems you are bound to face. And depending on the type of warehouse you’re running, you might adopt different working methods. However, as far as organization goes, there’s one thing all warehouses must have – quality moving and lifting gear.

For a warehouse to operate as efficiently as possible, it needs to have a reliable lifting and moving system with quality trolleys being the centrepiece equipment. However bear in mind that having several single-purpose trolleys laying around will only create clutter, and that’s the last thing you want in an already packed space like a warehouse. For this exact reason, nowadays, many warehouse owners in Australia have started to realize the benefits of multi-purpose lifting gear pieces such as the 3-in-1 trolley.

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Let’s take the popular Kincrome Multi Cart for example. In order to enhance the logistics and boost the productivity of a warehouse, the Multi-Cart combines three different types of trolleys: a two-wheel vertical trolley, a four-wheel flat bed trolley, and a four-wheel 45º trolley.

The multi cart can convert easily into any position you need within seconds. The two-wheel vertical trolley is suitable for picking up a large and heavy box without any lifting or moving a bulk load. From this position, you can transform the cart into a 45º trolley if you need to carry stacked boxes without them falling over. And for several large packages, you can conveniently lower the trolley into a flat bed position to optimally use up the space.

Because it needs to be flexible and shift into different shapes seamlessly, this piece of lifting gear is made out of lightweight aluminium material. Aluminium is also strong and damage-resistant, which guarantees a lot of years of heavy use. This makes the multi-purpose trolley incredibly attractive despite its somewhat high price tag.

Another advantage of this model over regular types of trolleys are its wheels. The wheels of the Kincrome Multi-Cart are made out of 100% solid rubber. As opposed to pneumatic air-filled wheels, these are completely puncture proof – they won’t deflate if you hit something sharp and they won’t go flat with time. Moreover, with the lock swivel castor mechanism, the wheels won’t move a millimetre when the trolley is resting. You won’t have to worry about the trolley rolling away while you are stacking up the load.

All things considered, the Kincrome Multi-Cart can help a warehouse with the following:

  • Transporting large crates and objects faster and more efficient;
  • Minimizing the work burden of employees;
  • Reducing clutter;
  • Providing extra storage.
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