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Water Pumps Are the New Trend in Australian Households

Many of my friends have started installing water pumps in their homes. A few years ago it was the same with solar panels, apparently having a water pump is the new trend now. And I can’t blame them – from last year we’ve been hearing story after story about contaminated water sources in Australia. The horrifying reality is that we don’t really know for sure what we are drinking. And until recently we rarely did question the state of our water. Fortunately, people have started waking up. Time to explore the water pump offers!

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By installing a suitable water pump from the many on the market, you essentially make sure your drinking water comes from a safe and reliable source. But before installing, you need to hire professionals to check the different water sources that are near your home and let them determine which one is best for you. Don’t worry if there is no such source around your house – a simple tank that gathers rainwater can serve as an alternative. In that case, a pressure pump with a built-in distillation system is what you’ll need. This pump will generate the pressure necessary for the transfer of water from the rainwater tank to your house. It can be also helpful in households where the water supply has been proven to be safe, but the pressure is too low and makes it difficult to be used for washing and bathing.

Furthermore, many people are installing these systems because they don’t have any other alternative. Living in the outskirts of Australia means frequently experiencing water supply problems. Certain locations of the country are unreachable by the already built water infrastructure, and getting water to them is virtually impossible. That’s why many people are left to take matters in their own hands. Luckily, in many areas finding portable water is not that hard; you just need to dig enough to find it. Sometimes it can be very near the surface, while other times it can be very deep underground.

There are essentially two different types of pumps. A shallow-well pump and a deep- well pump. The most common type of shallow-well pumps is the jet pump. They can draw water from as deep as 8 metres. But the thing that distinguishes them from other shallow-well types is that they create suction in a novel in a more efficient way. Ironically, they draw water by using water. That means you’ll need to fill them up with water before they can work. Valves are installed so that the two types of water won’t mix.

If the water source is at a depth of 8-120 meters, you still can draw water, but only by using a submersible pump. This pump does not use suction, instead, it pushes the water upward through a pipe by using a pressure tank. There is less energy involved in the pushing and that’s what makes it very efficient for deep wells. Also, unlike above-ground pumps, the submersible ones rarely encounter any mechanical problems and do not experience cavitation because they’re always submersed in water.

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