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10 Leather Handbag Trends for Summer

I got my bonus early this year and wanted to buy myself a handbag but was really confused about the whole leather thing – it’s summer and leather in summer is simply not the most appealing idea for the fashionista like myself.

But, you know how every rule has an exception right? While searching to buy ladies handbags online, something that will catch my eye, I came across what is the cutest collection of leather bags, which believe it or not, quickly became major summer trend! Leather in summer? Totally possible! Pay attention and conclude for yourself. And do a research before you buy ladies handbags online.


  • A cross-body handbag

I’d normally wear this one for sunny autumn days combined with ankle length boots and a brown coat, but the design is perfect for spring and some summer outfits! Plus, it has a long strap which allows you to wear it over your shoulder. And if you can get it in black, combine it with some short pants with leather details, you have yourself the summer boho chic look.

  • The backpack

You should consider something with straps, not a backpack, right? Well, wrong. The leather backpack has made its way back on the fashion scene by reviving the 90’s look rich with so many exotic looks that include a lot of leather.

  • The bucket bag

Now this is fashion – a leather bucket bag combined with a leather jacket, short pants with leather details and a white shirt. The perfect outfit which can be combined with any type of shoes; high heels, short flat boots or even ballet shoes. Simply fabulous! Plus, have in mind this bag offers you a lot of space for all the stuff you want to always have with you no matter where you go.

  • A leather clutch

You need something compact, mainly strapless, and made of leather for those perfect summer nights in the club? Get a leather clutch! The leather clutch is to be carried by hand or under the arm, and because it’s small it completes your outfit perfectly. But have in mind; it’s small and it doesn’t fit a lot.

  • A duffle bag

A leather duffle bag is classy in winter but it turns out it can be perfectly great in summer too. Whether you need it for short trips or you want to wear it for all occasions; it’s a great choice if you want to pack a bunch of stuff in a handbag, which of course you do, you’re a woman.

  • A hobo bag

You can’t go without a hobo bag; a great hobo bag fits perfectly on your shoulder and under your arm. Plus, this is the type of bag you wear when you want to do errands around town, go for a coffee with friends and do some shopping. A leather hobo bag? Even better.

  • A messenger bag

This small, cute little thing with a long strap for carrying it over the shoulder is just trendy! As a hybrid between a purse and a male suitcase, the bag used to be messenger’s main tool, but its evolved look and design of today have made it the it-piece for urban professionals and trendy hipsters.

  • A saddle bag

The saddle bag is a sub-category of the cross-body bags with long straps. They’re characterized by curved bottoms and top flaps, very 70’s style. Just add a palette of dazzling colours to choose from and you have one trendy handbag!

  • A satchel

A leather satchel? Definitely yes! A satchel bag is so comfortable and it has such an amazing design it’s just a shame not to own it. The satchel bag is big enough to hold everything you want to carry with you and small enough to fit underarms. Trending right now are boxy shaped satchels with a modern square silhouette. Add strong, luxury leather to it and you have a green light for this summer season.

  • The drawstring handbag

When you look at this handbag, the first thing that comes to mind are those bohemian goddesses with their long necklaces, fancy lace dresses combined with boots and their amazing handbags. Those of you that hold on to elegance won’t find this appealing nor interesting, but for all of you that want something fresh for their trendy, hipstery to boho look, a drawstring handbag is more than a good choice.

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