10 Trendy Women’s Cardigan Styles

Women worldwide, can I have your attention please? Remember your granny’s favourite cardigan? Loose, mainly black, buttons on the front, the soft knitwear that made you feel warm when your granny hugged you. Yes, that one. Would you wear it? If your answer is ‘No’, think again. Remember Sienna Miller’s the-morning-after-the-2015-Golden-Globes navy blue buttoned cardigan, matched with loose striped trousers? She revolutionized womens cardigans and overnight these clothing pieces went from ‘what granny used to wear’ to must-have fashion accessory.

This simple, yet stylish piece of clothing should never go out of fashion, and should be present in every woman’s closet. For example, it is perfect for those moments when you don’t know how to complete your look when it’s chilly or when you want to give your office style a softer look. Ladies, no excuses! Define your style, and choose the right type of cardigan for you.

Depending on your proportions (weight and height) you can choose from the various types of womens cardigans to make your silhouette look perfect. Here are few suggestions.

1. The classic button-front cardigan

This is the classic! It never goes out of style, and you can combine it with more than one look. Wear the classic crew-neck cardigan to complete your office look, or for a casual jeans outfit. You can wear it with a t-shirt underneath, or a classic shirt. As for colour, go for monochromatic, if you plan to combine the cardigan with another piece of clothing, such as shirts or t-shirts. Play with the colours and prints if you plan to wear only the cardigan.


2. Open-front cardigan

This is my personal favourite of all womans cardigans. Generally, these cardigans are heavy knitwear, and can be a replacement for your coat or jacket, as they provide warmth. There are a couple of stylish options from this type of womens cardigans such as:

the boyfriend cardigan which is long and mainly goes well with jeans, leather pants and shorts, to create a more casual outfit;

the kimono cardigan is a little shorter than the boyfriend cardigan. Combine this cardigan with classic pants, or a pencil skirt to get an elegant, yet warm outfit.

the poncho cardigan goes great with skinny jeans and high heels. It complements your outfit perfectly, emphasizing your lower body.


3. Toggle cardigan

This is the sporty cardigan version and goes great with leather pants or skinny jeans and flats.


4. Print cardigan

Be careful with this one! The print cardigan is to be combined only with monochromatic shirts, t-shirts and pants. You don’t want to create a crowded look. Furthermore, if you are curvy, avoid these cardigans as they will emphasize your curves.


5. Cocoon cardigan

The curved hem in the backside makes this cardigan perfect accessory to high heels. The longer part will make you look taller and will emphasize your silhouette.


6. The eternal cashmere

Knitwear is great; it’s cozy, warm and suitable for all outfits, but cashmere is a classic. It is soft, it gives clothes an expensive, classy look, and complements an outfit perfectly. If you don’t have one already, go for the classic button-front cardigan in cashmere. It’s a worthy investment.


7. Lurex cardigan

This sparkly piece will complement your outfit for a night out or a more elegant occasion. You can find it as open-front or a classic button-front cardigan.


8. Fur!

As cashmere, fur also symbolizes class and elegance. A fur trimmed cardigan will give your vision the much needed glam. The fur and the cardigan should not be too different in colors, to avoid the overcrowded look.


9. The shrug

A shrug is something you would wear with a pencil dress, or a high-waist pencil skirt. This cardigan emphasizes the shoulder area, therefore it’s not recommended to combine it with bulky pants or skirts. Also, it’s not suitable for busty women, as it will bring the focus on the shoulders and the bust line.


10. Wrap cardigan

The wrap cardigan contributes to a more hourglass figure. Choose a cashmere wrap cardigan to achieve a sophisticated and flattering look.



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