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3 Food Ingredient Trends You Should Learn More About

In the recent years, many food trends have changed the way we understand nutrition. We hear every day about new revolutionary products, diet plans and food ingredients that can help with weight loss, improving cardiovascular and mental health, and even curing certain serious health issues such as cancer.

We live in times when eating fat doesn’t make you fat; the proponents of vegetarianism and veganism struggle to prove that milk isn’t really that good for your bones and teeth; sugar is the new dietary demon; and gluten-free diet is the best method of improving gut health.

It would take us days and countless pages to write about all the prevalent trends in nutrition for 2015. Our advice is, don’t try to analyze all of the trends, because at the end you will just end up confused. Here are the three more important food ingredient trends you should learn more about.

Stevia Packs


Nowadays, sugar is demonized like never before. Many scientific researches have linked sugar to an array of health issues, including some of the most prevalent diseases of the modern times such as: type II diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, hormonal issues, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and even cancer. Hence why numerous sugar-substitution products have emerged on the market. Stevia packs are a common choice of nutrition-minded consumers who have decided to ditch the sugar. One of the main reasons why most of the consumers choose to buy Stevia packs rather than other sweeteners is the fact that Stevia was proven to be 100% natural, safe and calories free sugar alternative.



Proteins are the ingredients a lot of fuss is being raised about. Chances are, when you read a health magazine or blogs on the Internet, you will come across many food “experts” advice regarding the protein consumption. Namely, today proteins are promoted as a key ingredient for a healthy and balanced diet. You will see countless protein bars and supplements offered in the retail stores, and people buying them along with the popular Stevia packs. On the other side, the opponents of the animal-based protein consumption, address plants such as peas, lentils, beans, chickpeas as a reliable source of protein vital for human’s body.

Hot Peppers


Good news for the chilly taste lovers, hot peppers are great for your health. Capsaicin, the ingredient found in hot peppers is proven to relieve certain types of pain, lower high blood cholesterol level, protect from certain cardiovascular diseases and even protect from prostate cancer. These and many other health benefits, is why hot pepper has become a real ingredient trend among numerous consumers.

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