3 Trendy Christmas Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

As Christmas is just around the corner, we’re sure you want to come up with unique gift ideas for your partner, family and friends. And since Christmas is one of the most joyful periods of the year, it’s important to choose a memorable gift that will elevate the Christmas spirit and cause a smile on the recipient’s face.

And talking about unique and memorable gifts, every beer enthusiast would love to enjoy a glass of their favourite beverage during these joyful times. So, if you’re about to choose a gift for the beer lover in your circle, but you don’t have an idea where to start from, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ve put together a couple of unique Christmas gift ideas that will make every beer lover happy.

Beer Advent Calendar

advent beer calendar

If there’s something that we all love about the Christmas period, it’s definitely opening the first door of an advent calendar. And if a treats advent calendar would make us happy as kids, imagine what kind of joy would bring a brewers advent calendar to every beer lover.

In fact, beer advent calendars will give one an opportunity to try a huge array of different brands and breweries throughout each of the days in the most joyful month. These packages will include 25 different exclusive release beers for each of the days in the calendar, such as Hazy or Double IPAs, Hoppy Amber Ales, Belgian Tripels, Pastry Stouts and many more.

The best part about these beer advent calendars is that each of the beers is secretly hidden behind little cardboard doors that the one is supposed to open to reveal the beer, starting from the 1st of December. 

On top of that, many beer advent calendar Sydney and Australia wide services offer special gift box designs. To make the experience even more surprising for the one, these services will ship the box into an unbranded outer box to ensure safe transportation and hide the content inside until the opening moment. 

However, you can also help to elevate the beer advent calendar gift experience by following a couple of simple tips. For instance, many experts will recommend choosing a calendar that features cans instead of bottles. Not only are cans better to keep light out and maintain the quality of the beer, but there’s almost zero risk for the can to shatter or break during the delivery process, unlike bottles. Except for that, cans are a way better option to protect the environment when one is enjoying their daily dose of beer while getting the most out of the warm Christmas weather outdoors. 

When talking about delivery, it’s also recommended to choose a beer advent calendar service in your area, so you can get a less expensive and faster delivery without the risk of damaging the package during the process. Luckily, you can always find available services in our country, whether you want to order a beer advent calendar Sydney wide area, the capital area of Canberra or any other area you’re in.

Beer Gift Hampers

beer gift hampers

Beer advent calendars are the perfect option for those who prefer enjoying a can of this beverage while during Christmas BBQ backyard parties. But if your beer enthusiast is more of the sophisticated type that would rather enjoy their beer in thin glass, accompanied by a tasty platter, beer gift hampers may be a better gift idea for them.

However, if the creative process of crafting the perfect beer gift hamper is not much your cup of tea, don’t worry, since you can always buy cute beer hampers tailored for your beer lover’s preferences. The range of these hampers is huge, so you won’t struggle to find something that will make them happy.

For instance, if the one enjoys sipping a nice glass of beer while enjoying a cheese platter, don’t hesitate to gift them a huge beer hamper featuring their favourite beer topped up with Camembert cheese. Also, many of the services offering beer hampers would want to make sure that the package is complete and include other appetizers such as smoked almonds, pepperoni, crackers, different sauces and even ice packs along with beer and cheese. 

On the other hand, if your beer enthusiast has a refined palate that knows how to combine beer with sweet food for the best experience, it’s best to get them a craft beer and sweet treat gift hamper. Except for their favourite bottle of beer, such hampers will include chocolate gourmet blocks with crunchy almonds or salted peanuts, apricot coconut balls, chocolate-coated raspberries, fig and cranberry cookies and other sweet treats.

Whether you choose a cheese or fine chocolate along with the beer, know that hampers are the perfect go-to gift idea you can’t go wrong with. Not only are they very unique and extraordinary, but they’re also great to show the one that you put great attention and effort into tailoring a personalized gift. 

Authentic Beer Glasses Set

authentic beer glasses set gift

Not sure whether your beer lover prefers to combine their favourite beverage with sweet or salty appetizers? No worries, you can still qualify in the “best Christmas gift” section. And since every beer lover would prefer to drink their favourite beverage in style, a set of authentic beer mugs makes for the perfect gift idea for the upcoming holiday.

But if all the beer glasses in your nearest glassware store seem fancy enough, and you have no idea which set would be the most suitable, let’s take a look at a couple of different types of glasses and the history behind them.

For instance, we’re sure that there isn’t a beer fanatic that hasn’t heard about the story when a Prussian general promised to drink beer from his boot in exchange for winning on the battlefield. Since then, the beer boot type is the ultimate symbol for German beer and can be very commonly spotted on the traditional German “Octoberfest”. Hence, a beer boot set would make for a nice refreshment in your beer lover’s glasses collection, whether they’ve attended this popular festival or not.

On the other hand, beer mugs can also be the perfect choice to get the true “German” vibe when sipping beer. These mugs feature handles that come in very handy to grip the mug without transferring the heat from your hands to the beer. Except for that, they’re made of a thick glass which is suitable for sipping all types of beer. Therefore, a set of these can make for the perfect gift if you’re not sure about the specific type of beer the one prefers.

Besides these authentic beer glasses, a beer enthusiast would also love to have a couple of tall pilsner glasses, wide pint glasses or a fancy set of tulip-shaped glasses in their collection. 

Now that you got familiar with a couple of unique ideas, don’t hesitate to hit the market and wrap up the perfect gift to make your beer lover’s Christmas even more enjoyable.

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