5 Dog Beds That Are Always In Trend

We all like to watch our furry friends all curled up in their cozy beds, but we also want to get something that will stand out and match the surrounding elements in our space.

Once you’ve decided that your dogs need his own place for sleeping (the sooner, the better), you might be tempted (at the very beginning) to arrange a few blankets and pillows together by the side of your bed. Dogs and such ideas escalate pretty soon, since they will just play around and make a mess of whatever you wanted to call their own spot. Once you take your dog’s size, temperament and your budget into consideration, you can explore the world of dog beds and pick out something both durable and comfy.


Standard Dog Beds

These beds, as the name suggests, are the type that is mostly offered and in the biggest variety of shapes and sizes. They resemble pillows, therefore are very soft and comfortable. They don’t have sharp edges, so your dog’s legs will be freely falling off the bed (most of them really enjoy this feeling). The usual shapes are oval, square, round and rectangular. For maximum convenience, choose one that has removable and washable cover.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

These beds are a must if you have an old or injured dog. By taking good care of your dog and making sure that it can either recover or spend his days in a bed that supports his body, you’ll be showing your love to your faithful friend and probably prolonging his life. These beds are also available in a vast array of shapes and sizes.

Covered Dog Beds

These cute beds are the best choice for small sized dogs. They look like small houses and usually have adorable decorations. Your dog will feel secure and warm inside for sure. Covered dog beds are generally made of plush bedding, however the more functional and durable ones have a separate, removable bedding and plush cover over it.

Raised Dog Beds

Raised dog beds are the perfect option for those who want to match the dog’s bed to the rest of the furniture. The bedding can be either standard or orthopedic, depending on your needs and the frames can be made of wood, metal, wicker or plastic.

Heated/Cooling Dog Beds

Yes, some of us like to take it to a greater extend when it comes to our four-legged pals. As an addition to the bed where your dog will regularly sleep, you also have the option of a bed that will keep him warm in winter and a separate bed that will help him cool on scorching summer nights. Or if you live in a place where the weather is always staggering towards one of the two extremes, a bed that can help your dog recover from the cold or the heat can be its regular bed indeed.

Regardless of your choice, once you get the bed for your furry friend, make sure that you present it in a fun way to your dog. Give him time to adjust to his new sleeping retreat.

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