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A Fleeting Trend or Necessity? Reasons to Buy Meditation Cushions

If you are someone who enjoys the benefits that come with yoga and meditation, then at some point, you have probably considered whether you should use a meditation cushion. All bodies are different and we all have different preferences, but when it comes to boosting your comfort while doing yoga to perform your best, there is no doubt that meditation cushions can kick your experience up a notch.

Meditation cushions

They Are More Comfortable

Most people meditate in a sitting position. The most popular meditative postures are the full lotus, half-lotus, the Burmese and the Seiza. When you are sitting still and cross-legged for extended periods of time, you may find these positions uncomfortable. If you are meditating in the Seiza position, for example, you might want something to prop you up, so that you don’t sit on your feet. There is nothing worse than finally relaxing and reaching the meditative state of mind and feeling your legs going numb. Or, feeling pain in your ankles due to the position you’re in.

And the legs aren’t the only body part affected by uncomfortable sitting. You also need to sit with your back straight and try not to slouch. Your spine has a natural curve that you need to maintain to avoid back pain. While you are sitting, your lower back supports the upper half of your body. When you are sitting on a flat surface, you are putting more pressure on the spine. Meditation cushions can help relieve some of the pressure on your spine and tailbone. On another note, yoga has also been found to alleviate back pain. This is due to the fact that when we are stressed, our muscles tense up. When they do, we feel pain in the area around our shoulders and spine. As yoga and meditation help us relax, a weekly yoga session can do wonders for reducing your back pain. To reap the full set of benefits that this amazing practice offers, we suggest that you use a meditation cushion.

Meditation from home

Help Establish a Routine

Having an established routine will help you get into the mood for yoga faster and not postpone it further. Our surroundings and the supplies that we use can have a great effect on our habits. For example, most people who work from home like to have a designated office area. A room or a corner in their home which they use only for work. It can be as simple as a desk with a computer and a comfortable chair. In the same way, by using your cushion every time you meditate you will create a habit of getting into that mood. Keeping the cushion in a visible place will also remind you to exercise and you will be less likely to procrastinate if you are a beginner.

meditation pillows

Easily Portable

Unlike yoga mats and bolsters, meditation pillows are of a smaller size and you can take them anywhere. If you are using a yoga mat or a couch pillow to meditate at home, that’s fine – as long as you are comfortable. However, if you need to go somewhere to do that, you will find that having a mediation cushion is more convenient. You can take it with you if you are traveling by bus or plane and make the trip more comfortable by using it as a seat cushion or a pillow. It will probably fit in your backpack, so it won’t take up much space. A weekend getaway or a business trip shouldn’t prevent you from performing your weekly or daily routine!

Meditation Cushion shapes

Choosing the Perfect Meditation Cushion

There are different yoga meditation cushion types and they come in various shapes in sizes. You can find flat, round, crescent-shaped cushions, meditation benches, etc. It is up to you to choose the one that suits your most frequent positions best. There is no wrong shape. You also might want to consider your height when choosing the size of the cushion. If you are shopping online, you can always look up the dimensions.

When it comes to the material, there are also various options to choose from. You can find meditation cushions made from wool, cotton, buckwheat hulls, polyester. However, I wouldn’t recommend using synthetic materials for exercising gear. These fabrics aren’t breathable, which means sweat can stick to your skin easily and cause rashes. Natural and organic fabrics allow airflow and enable the moisture can evaporate. If you have sensitive skin, you should definitely look into organic fibers.

Lastly, some meditation pillows have removable covers. This is a great perk as you will be able to machine wash the cover. Putting the foam in a washing machine is not recommended as you can easily ruin it. And if the cover is not removable, then you will have to wash the pillow by hand.

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