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A Guide to Choosing Trendy Packaging Solutions for Your Products

Let’s face the new reality: people are shopping online more than ever. This last year has been about adaptation and survival not only for small businesses but for big corporations too. Not to drag statistics into this, but around 80 % of people in Australia are currently shopping online. Times change and so do we.

Although packaging plays a minimal role in online product selection, it must endure the rocky journey from the manufacturer to the customer. Choosing smart packaging solutions can lower the return rate by preventing shipping damages. It can also reduce shipping costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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The following guide can help you select trendy packaging solutions that can bring your business up to the next level.

Consider the Product Type

Providing labels and descriptions for safe handling is crucial. Luckily, there’re smart and trendy packaging solutions available for every product. For example, if you are selling printed materials such as business cards, you may want to use a special business card box. These boxes usually come in two different sizes, 250 and 500 card capacity. Opt for a box designed with a business card slit on lid for identification and branding purposes.

If you are in the food business, you need to pack food items into approved bags with a protective seal against contamination and possible tampering. The same goes for drugs and chemical packaging supplies. Strong and durable carton boxes in different sizes are available for these purposes. For documents and papers, you need strong archive boxes with easy-to-grip handles. Since a high volume of documents tends to weight a lot, look for archive boxes with reinforced bottoms for extra strength.

You can choose from three main packaging materials: paper, plastic and fabric. When choosing the material of your packages, have in mind that 68 % of the customers prefer paper packaging. According to research, 63 % say paper packaging makes a product seem more high-quality. In addition, paper is one of the most sustainable materials available: it’s recyclable, renewable and has consistently had the highest recycling rate in recent years.

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Find a Good Packaging Company

If you want to have a successful business, you should know that every decision matters. Finding a good packaging company can save you a lot of time, and potentially, a lot of money. When you’re choosing the right packaging company, ensure that they source their packaging from either high-quality providers or high-quality sources. Choose a company that has a wide variety of packing supplies, so you can source everything you need from one place. Your packing provider should offer you custom designs and prints so that you can represent your brand in the best possible way.

Fast, accurate and on-time delivery of the packaging materials is very important since you want to meet your customer expectations too.

Bubble Wrap for Protection
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Use Bubble Wrap for Protection

Not only that product packaging protects your product, but it also speaks volumes about your brand philosophy. The first thing that your customer notices when he or she gets the product is the way it’s packed. Consider this a first impression! If the product is just put in the package without being properly stored and protected, your customer wouldn’t be unimpressed. Caring about the handling of your products sends the message that you care about your costumers too.

For a good first impression, pad your products with plenty of bubble wrap to add an extra layer of protection. It’s recommended to do this regardless of the product size. Cushioning your items will prevent them moving around and protect them from accidental damage. If your package contains a fragile item, make sure it’s placed in the centre, avoiding all four sides of the box.

Cell foam is another great option. For ultimate surface protection, choose a non-abrasive, light-weight polyethylene foam. It’s ideal for polished and lacquered surfaces because it’s waterproof and provides excellent thermal insulation.

Avoid Fabric or Cloth Bags

For most products out there, material or cloth bags are not clever packaging options. Despite their good looks, they provide no protection or support even when the bag is padded with bubble wrap. An exception to this is if your products are pieces of clothing, but even in this case, you are risking your product getting all messy and wrinkled. Always have in mind that your product will probably travel a long distance before it’s finally into your costumer’s hands so, instead of thin packages, use sturdy packaging supplies (carton boxes).

Use Packaging that Fits the Product

Using packaging that fits the product perfectly is the most important step in the process, and yet it’s sometimes overlooked. Make the packaging as tight as possible to reduce weight without compromising the product’s integrity. Have in mind that online packages do not need a hanging tab like retail store packaging. Reducing the size also saves on materials and dimensional shipping charges. Also, if the package is too big, it allows the product to shift inside, and possibly get damaged. To avoid such issues, plan your packaging supplies carefully.

Consider Your Storage packaging
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Consider Your Storage/Warehouse

It’s important to have space where you can stack and store all the packaging you need. If you don’t have a place to store large and bulky quantities, find a packaging supply store where you can order lower quantities. Ordering minimums is a smart option if you want to manage your storage space and packaging costs better.

And lastly, every time you think about packaging, think about marketing too. Your packaging solution should deliver a memorable customer experience at the lowest cost regarding material and shipping.

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