Adjustable Bed: Sweet Dreams are Made of Comfort and Ease

You wouldn’t run a marathon or hike a mountain without the proper gear. And, yet, despite spending a third of our lives sleeping, a large number of us do not have an adequately furnished bedroom. Since we spend so much time sleeping, it is not a surprise that our time spent slumbering can have a big impact on our waking life. That being said, getting a good quality sleep can improve your overall physical and mental health and the quality of life.

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Beds are essential when it comes to a full night’s rest. As anyone who has recently looked into a new bed will know, the options are wide – from divans to bedsteads, to storage beds. Since technology took over every field, it did not fail when it comes to furnishing either. The newest addition to the choices of beds is the adjustable bed. In order to prove that they are at least worth your consideration, we will go through some of the many health benefits they offer.

1. Alleviate Back Pain


A flatbed may not always provide the proper spinal support, resulting in back pain and restless sleep. By inclining the bed you can provide relief for the lower back, and by raising the foot of the bed you will allow for knees to be bent and your legs levitated which takes the pressure off your spine and releases you from any back discomfort.

2. Alleviate Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and Snoring


Snoring is more common when you sleep lying flat because the neck puts extra weight on the windpipe causing it to close and make a noise. All this can be avoided by using adjustable beds. That being said, if you decide to buy adjustable beds you’ll make yourself and your partner happy by staying quiet all night. How does it work? Well, when the adjustable frame lifts the head, gravity helps by taking off the weight of the windpipe, and ta-da, no more annoying wheezing and snorting.

Besides resolving the snorting situation, you can also reach an improvement with conditions like asthma and sleep apnea, which are, again, breathing problems. If you sleep in an optimal position for improved airflow and unrestricted oxygen flow (which these beds offer) you will lower the chances of asthma attacks or instances of sleep apnea. So by opting to buy adjustable beds, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthier, uninterrupted sleep.

3. Alleviate Insomnia


Only those who suffer from insomnia  will get the urgent need of a solution. These beds can work their magic and help you achieve a full night’s sleep without any tossing and turning since they can help you find your perfect position more easily which will offer more comfort and improve blood circulation. In that sense, the adjustable bed base has numerous position choices, all with the purpose of making anyone feel comfortable and at ease.

4. Alleviate Discomfort


In an attempt to find the perfect position for everyday activities, we sometimes try to copy the concept of adjustable beds by stacking pillows just so that we can get the optimal result. However, 10 minutes go by and the pillows lose their position and softness and you can still end up with back, shoulder and neck pain. Adjustable beds, on the other hand, provide the option to enjoy reading, working, and yes, even eating while sitting up, thus, by using one properly every day you can alleviate yourself from the never-ending discomfort.

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