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Air Compressor Industry Trends


The air compressor is a machine that compresses and directs air for a variety of industrial applications. It converts air from electric motors or engines into kinetic energy, compressing the air for further use. Over the years, different methods and machines for air compression have been developed, and they can all be divided into positive and negative displacement models. The piston type, rotary screw and reciprocating compressors are known as positive displacement air compressors ,while the axial flow and centrifugal air compressors are described as negative displacement types. The negative and positive air compressor models work differently; the positive displacement compressors push air into a chamber to compress it, while the negative displacement compressors use centrifugal force to increase or decrease the air in order to pressurize it.

The newest air compressor on the market is significantly modified and improved with the latest technologies, offering more advantages and benefits for the operators. They reduce the manufacturing costs, accidents and system failures, increase the productivity and profit, ensure worker safety and high performance. Today, every business depends on completing jobs quickly and efficiently. In order to ensure just that, every compressor comes with a unique design and operation principle. Read on to find out the latest trends in the air compressor industry.

Air Operated Nail Guns – One of the newest and fastest growing trends in the compressor industry is the high demand for air operated nail guns. Operators are interested in these nail guns which are described as durable and reliable air solutions. Aside from having high running and maintaining costs, the air operated nail guns are highly efficient and compact machines that guarantee superior performance.

Efficiency – As mentioned above, every business is looking for a way to reduce the running costs by using machines which can complete the jobs quickly and efficiently. Recently, the Compress Air and Gas Institute, shortly known as CAGI, developed new standards for the air compressors. This means that every new compressor on the market produced by a reliable manufacturer should be designed according to these standards. Also, the manufacturers and suppliers of new air compressor models must provide a CAGI data sheet which contains information about the efficiency, horsepower, capacity and calculated energy consumption.

New Air Compressor Models – Another emerging trend in the air compressor industry is the introduction of new air compressor models which are specifically designed to be attached on utility vehicles for convenient and simple transport. The new compressor models are lightweight, more compact and stable in order to meet the expectations of the customers.

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