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Alfresco Kitchen Trends for 2019

Talking the indoors out is one of the main trends people follow these days which is why more and more exterior designers are striving to fulfill their dreams. Except for comfortable, stylish and functional outdoor seating area, having a trendy and modern alfresco kitchen is also quite desirable, especially with this year’s trends.

Less is More

Although concrete (cement) looking tiles are still IN, the classic wooden looking floors are also an option for outdoor kitchens. Following the “less is more” rule, this year’s outdoor kitchen trend is all about incorporating minimal copper accents or adding some pieces of herbarium here and there. Since outdoor kitchens are usually surrounded by greenery, simple and small décor pieces like this around the countertop would be more than enough.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Outdoor kitchens are all about being functional so this year, exterior designers have put all of their efforts into creating the most practical yet stylish type of alfresco kitchen. With the help of stainless steel cabinets which are stylish, functional and easy to clean, this year’s alfresco kitchen is all about staying protected from the weather elements. Resistant to damp, rot and insect contamination, these types of kitchen cabinets can protect your appliances while being the perfect addition to the minimalist outdoor type of kitchen style. As an addition, you can choose from different steel finishes (glossy, matte or brushed), sizes and kitchen appliances, which allows you to make the desired kitchen appliances combo for your outdoor space.

Futuristic Lighting

While enjoying the warm sun rays when eating alfresco is amazing, having the right type of lighting also matters for those late night hours. And since these days the lighting industry is all about incorporating LED lights, the latest trend for outdoor kitchen lighting is the use of elegant and futuristic pendant and chandeliers. Just like for indoor use, LED strips can also be added to any outdoor kitchen as they can help illuminate even the darkest and obscure places.

Open Shelving

Open shelves are making a huge comeback this year. For complementing that minimalist look of the outdoor kitchen, choosing simple looking shelves made of wood or some kind of metal would be great. Shelves like this would be the perfect addition for the relaxed and calming outdoor environment. They are great for showcasing kitchenware, heirlooms, antiques and even books.

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