American Real Estate Market – Latest News And Trends

Would you like to join thousands of Australian property investors who have discovered the benefits of owning a US property? Then, this is the perfect time to do that. A large number of Australians have decided to buy properties in the US for a number of reasons. The US real estate market has became an attractive investment destination for many Australian investors in the last few years. That’s because the house prices are still attractive. According to the real estate experts, this is a once-in-a-lifetime situation that might never be repeated any time soon. If you want to benefit from this ongoing trend, then browse for American houses for sale that are within your budget range.

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Great number of people look for houses for sale in USA simply because they can afford to buy a new house. Low house prices plus low interest rates make the US real estate market ideal place for investment. Another thing that makes the buying process easy for the Australians is the fact that there are no strict laws or regulations for foreign investors. Here are some of the trends that marked the American real estate market in 2014:

Foreclosure Homes – The number of foreclosure homes in US keeps raising. Currently, there are 1,054,975 foreclosure homes available in US. You might be wondering why people prefer foreclosure homes? The answer is quite simple, these homes are usually cheaper than the regular ones. Nothing is wrong with these houses, simply the owner failed to pay the mortgage. If you plan to invest on the American real estate market, then browse for foreclosure houses for sale in USA.

House Sales In South-East Are On The Rise – According to the Housing Market Report for July 2014, the demand for houses on the South Coast is increased for 4.4%. This means, most people look for American houses for sale located in the South-East region. Facts show that buying houses on the South Coast has became one of the major real estate trends for this year. Numbers also show that people consider buying houses for sale in the warmer parts of America. In terms of percentage growth, Texas and Florida have the highest rate. That’s because people prefer to own second home in warmer parts where they can enjoy hot summer days, or simply because the demand for jobs in Texas is higher.

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