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Australian Sex Toys Trends

Just like any other industry, the sex industry is also a field within which new trends come and go. Some of the trends that have been popular during 2015 were definitely influenced by a lot of different factors including movies and books.


Below we’ll go over a few of the trends that became popular in 2015 and the trends that will stay strong well into 2016. So, if you are looking for something interesting you haven’t tried before maybe you should give one of these new trends a go.

Australians have always loved Australian sex toys there is no denying that but, when it comes to what we are looking for, it is obvious that the trends have changed this past year. It seems as though people have been looking for more power in 2015 and the same urge is expected to continue during the upcoming year as well. This might not be true for everyone, but a lot of people seem to be looking for more powerful toys. This includes anything that vibrates, rumbles or moves, or to put it in other words, something that gives a bigger thrill.


  • Bondage is another thing that has become a popular trend. We all know that this had something to do with the film called 50 Shades of Grey. Now, while bondage isn’t necessarily a new concept, it has become something surprisingly mainstream, almost vanilla. The sales of bondage toys such as kits, whips, blindfolds, and restraints have been flying off the shelves in 2015. The 50 Shades of Grey franchise has finished – books wise, but the films are still coming out, so this trend will undoubtedly keep going well into 2016 and well after. We advise that you practice BDSM with care and do your research!


  • Remote controlled toys have been around for a while, but they haven’t been that good until now. The first models came with a wire or radio control and were not that great. Now with technology moving forward, so are toys and nowadays you can find ones controlled by an app on your smartphone. This is a new development, so it is safe to say that more and more possibilities will be presenting themselves to us over the course of the next year.

Another concept that we saw blossoming in 2015 is a bunch of entrepreneurs starting up campaigns for their sex toys. A lot of interesting pages had ideas set up for people interested in donating towards making these designs a reality which expanded the world of sex toys significantly. Most of these campaigns will probably become a reality over the next year.

Most people want to find something new to spice up their sex life. We all fall into routines, so it is completely normal to want to try something new. Staying trendy with Australian sex toys is one way that you can find something new for you and your partner to try. Trying different things will let you establish what works and what doesn’t work for you, so what have you got to lose? New experiences are what keep life exciting so why not try something today and create new experiences for yourself.

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