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Awesome Outdoor Furniture Trends for This Summer

Summer is that time of year that we spend the most time outdoors. Whether it’s lounging by the poolside or having a great get-together on the perfect set of outdoor table and chairs, we are constantly looking to improve this space. Summer lounging and soaking up the sun should always be done in style, so this naturally includes your outdoor furniture as well. Below we’ll go over some of the biggest trends that are coming to outdoor furniture this summer.

Stylish Tables And Chair

Outdoor table and chairs

By outdoor table and chairs, we mean for dining and gatherings. There is nothing worse than wanting to have a good time but there not being enough space for everyone. So investing in some good quality outdoor table and chairs is a must, you want to choose something that can seat everyone but will also stand the test of time. You should also choose something that looks good so choose wisely.

Outdoor Suites


This is for those of you who have enough pool space who want to add a little more luxury. This will really transform your outdoor area from homely to really elegant and luxurious. White is, of course, the colour of summer, but be careful to choose something you can wash easily. These really bring your outdoor pool area to the next level.

Bold Seats


This is a trend that is all over d├ęcor websites and decorating magazines and it’s not hard to see why. These chairs offer a pop of colour where you might not have any. If you have a leafy green backyard you might want to add some sofa chairs in a shade of orange or pink to make it really stand out, this trend is not for those of you who like to stick to neutral palettes.

Coffee Tables


This is usually something that we reserve for the indoors but they can also look extremely chic outdoors as well. Not to mention that you can create a space for you, your family, and friends to sit back and enjoy some iced tea or coffee outdoors. This is a really great addition to a patio or even under a gazebo. Make sure you get some comfy sofas and enjoy the sun!

A Nice Serving Tray


While this might not count as outdoor furniture it is one extra that will really set the vibe. This is also great for someone who uses makeshift tables like an ottoman. This is one way you can create some stability, not to mention you will look really fancy serving drinks with a nice serving tray.

Drink Trolley


This is one for the grown ups and can really take a get together to the next level. Especially handy if everyone plans on laying in the pool all day, you can set this somewhere nearby and not have to run inside to top up. It’s a great little piece that is extremely versatile and useful.

A Couch


This summer is all about bringing special touches of the indoors to the outdoors. This is great if you don’t have much space as it doesn’t take up as much as a full set of table and chairs. This is also a great little piece to have if you have a patio for those mid afternoon naps with a good book.

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